1. Apparently they sold out but they’ll be released again at a further date

  2. Well that's probably my favorite pop I've ever seen, and I'll never have it. That makes me sad. But also happy that such a great looking pop is gonna be enjoyed by others.

  3. Same, I shipped mine to California. I airlined on 1/15 and received a shipping update on the 23rd. I'm speculating but there's a chance your package was picked up from China and in transit, you'll probably get some notification in the next 2 days. Crossing my fingers for you!

  4. Can I ask you who I’d have to contact about this? It still says airline 1/16 idk why

  5. My pure money 4s and Oreo 4s do that and they’re retail😅

  6. Damn 😔 I think my boy is f****d. He’s asking for size 14 in these but I also think reps in general don’t really f**k with size 14 🤔 you know of any sellers that deals with size 14? Thanks

  7. From what I heard some of the sbs, dunks, and lows run bigger than tts so maybe a 13.5 would fit perfect you just gotta find ones that are know to being larger

  8. Thanks man. I’m gonna have to research hard so I don’t get stuck with a 13.5 sneaker if they don’t fit him hahahahaha

  9. Honestly I'm not sure I heard mixed on the tts but I just bought tts bc I don't want to wait months for a shoe to be too small.

  10. I’m from NY the stickers always stay on💯💯

  11. That’s the coolest Star Wars collection I’ve seen🥲🫴🏼👑

  12. I’d go K batch look at my Qc on my profile. They are super clean

  13. Are we really not gonna talk about Breaking Bad?🥲💯

  14. Fat GL no noticeable flaws great shoe and great batch

  15. It’s unfortunate the 47 hats never looked right on my head bc they definitely have some cool designs

  16. Remy is underrated definitely one of my favorites🔥🔥

  17. I keep the sticker on strictly bc I’m from NY and that’s how I was taught growing up. I tried the other day with my step son , getting myself to try n take the stickers off and I just couldn’t get myself to do it. I even compared my hats to my sons side by side , one with sticker and one without and I just couldn’t do it! Lmfao

  18. That’s a fact.. from Ny too and seeing a hat without the sticker doesn’t look right😭🤣

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