1. “Well fuck now I gotta go home and tell everyone we’ll be domesticated in 5 years

  2. "Then they're going to come after my balls like they did my relatives"

  3. I like how rough it looks without bold outlines and still captures detail

  4. Some birds, like my African Grey also like to be rough-housed. It amuses them.

  5. They plan to knock every last thing off the counter tops.

  6. You can earn more playing video games all day an selling the gold on 3rd party websites.

  7. Potatoes into chocolate eh? That's an interesting form of alchemy. Just try not to lose a sibling and an arm in the process though.

  8. Goodbye old friend. Now please allow us to use the controllers elsewhere. Otherwise it's just e-waste...

  9. You'd think the russian military would know about swampy ground better than most.

  10. Yes but that was only one floor. Just imagine 2033.

  11. Imagine just minding your own business taking a walk in the park and this thing just robo cock slaps you across the face.

  12. I didn't know 'construction worker' was a playable character in this game

  13. If you can’t trust a genocidal dictator, who can you trust?

  14. Akademia Szermierzy on YouTube has some lovely videos on these.

  15. Is it like always cloudy there? When I see photos of this city it always looks like that in the sky.

  16. One minor issue with balloons, they have a tendency to stop being balloons.

  17. If you're open to a suggestion I'd say you could clear that hard outline on her nose on the right side (her left) and it would be perfect. My opinion though.

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