Romero grabbing Cucurella by the hair

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Tuchel & Conte after final whistle

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Chelsea 2 - [2] Tottenham - Harry Kane 90+6'

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  1. i bet the big surprise is the results of that independent study from 4 months ago

  2. It was wrestlers themselves who started using that verbiage on shoot interviews.

  3. one thing I really love is how wrestlers can use the lingo to describe everything. One example that stood out to me is Mox describing your dog being happy to see you when you get home as the “dog pop”

  4. yeah, to me the cringe aspect of it is using the inside lingo to “prove how much you know”. The worst example to me is when people use wrestlers’ real names instead of their kayfabe ones.

  5. It’s weird because for a time you couldn’t criticize Brandi without someone insinuating it was because of racism or sexism. But now that she left AEW people can more easily admit she was kind of a train wreck.

  6. I don't know what you're on about. She got clowned on all of the time throughout her AEW run

  7. yeah for sure but there was this also this segment of fans going “why are fans so toxic towards Brandi?” “Oh, you know why”

  8. Joe Spivak is gonna be good for WWE. He has such a personality on him and seems to love the wrestling business.

  9. Because that seems totally fair

  10. yeah the “meat” of the Van Dijk saga was direct talks between him and Klopp and Klopp messaging him directly explaining how he’ll fit into the Liverpool side

  11. He really is. Maybe too much was expected of him but he just seems average at best.

  12. very similar situations. Had a period where everything they tried seemed to work, started to fail and lost that confidence to try the audacious, now they’re just so in their heads that there’s no real road to getting back to the glittering heights of when they first burst onto the scene

  13. Rather fascinating really would love to know where it all went so wrong for him

  14. remember an announcer once describing the “naivety of youth” that comes with first breaking into top level football, you just play with a certain level of instinct/freedom before the rigors of professional football start to weigh you down.

  15. Spanish side Girona have opened negotiations to sign Southampton midfielder Oriol Romeu (30)

  16. Sad but smart. With a year left on his contract and Lavia coming in and showing his qualities, he’s more expendable than ever and this is the last shot to get a fee for him.

  17. And for seasoned southampton veterans, as few as 0!

  18. yeah it’s all out of our hands really, depends on finding buyers for the folks we don’t want anymore

  19. Rizzo wildin in the dugout. My dude clearly leaned into it lmao.

  20. you gotta act the most upset when you were wrong and you know it

  21. She wears wigs all the time anyways tho? I’m still confused

  22. I think she shaved her eyebrows too. I guess that was the proverbial straw?

  23. i can’t with the shaved eyebrows, it’s cute w a full face of makeup but girls are out here sweating them drawn on eyebrows off in the club and walking out looking like aliens 😂

  24. Yes. He's just explaining why they had a big increase.

  25. yeah it’s helpful context for “why did the show heavily featuring the Trust Busters do so much better than the same show featuring the world champion in action”

  26. it gives more context as to why the show got a higher rating than most expected. It doesn’t make the rating any less legitimate but helps to answer the “why” question.

  27. jerks have got lazy nowadays, now we’re just posting Dub match graphics so we can roast them.

  28. I don't think anyone ever thought that Nat Phillips will start a PL game before Kalvin Phillips

  29. Cursing Harvey Elliott’s existence cause now I can’t spread “Saints have the two best teenagers in the Prem” propaganda like I’d planned to

  30. Thought he wasn’t for sale? What changed

  31. He's absolutely right. Variety is what makes wrestling so much fun.

  32. My friend has a phrase she loves to use, “regular handsome”, as in “this guy is good looking but if you asked me to describe him, none of his features really stand out.”

  33. Not trying to randomly throw shade at him, but I feel like this fits Nick Aldis to a T.

  34. yeah it’s a perfect example. Andrade is another person I think fits the bill.

  35. Update from London based source: Leicester are big meanies for not selling their best player to Chelsea

  36. Infact, AEW were putting up more consistent numbers before either of the three. Great peak in viewership suddenly but it didn't maintain anything close to it after a couple of weeks.

  37. because everyone who tuned in to see what Punk would get up to had to watch him wrestle relative nobodies for 3 months

  38. Can't tell if I want to see Gallagher start more because he's a genuinely good footballer or if I'm falling into the trap of, runs a lot=top tier player. If Kante is out for a while I guess we'll find out either way.

  39. him and Broja have both brought loads of energy off the bench but that’s easy to do when you know you’ve got 15 minutes of pitch time max

  40. Whether gordon is worth 50 mill or not, selling him is almost guarantee a relegation for everton. Dominic calvert lewin and gray are not enough attacking force for everton

  41. He is a decent enough player but seriously? Selling him for 40mil (possibly getting Broja/Gallagher in that deal btw, who are just as good if not better players imo) will relegate them? How is he exactly preventing that rn, considering he barely scores or assists..

  42. Agreed, fucking hate the result but what a watch this was for neutrals

  43. yeah the perfect derby day really. controversy, managers kicking off, late drama. Had it all

  44. Not seen a single Spurs flair in here so far. I guess they're too busy celebrating a point for being second best.

  45. The stadium celebrations they showed were hilarious. So excited about getting a point by cheating. Small club through and through

  46. the fuck are they supposed to do, apologize for Romero’s lack of class? it’s football, sometimes you get away with one and you celebrate it

  47. can’t see the video anymore, ironically got an error saying “SSL handshake failed”

  48. got away without the red card, ref doing Chelsea even more favors after the match

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