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  1. That hard work will always lead to success and if someone doesn't succeed its because they didn't work hard enough. Some people just are extremely unlucky in life.

  2. I have a very bitter relationship with the ideas of working because of the ideas of working and how they are placed on people. I have severe mental disorders and cannot work, but get told all the time I’m essentially not pulling my weight and that I need to “make something of myself.” Meanwhile, we, as humans, did this to ourselves, let others make the rules up and decided that’s all our value is. I hate it. It makes me feel sad

  3. Disco heaven but twice as electro auto tuned as it is

  4. And so loud the thumps sounds fucking crunchy as hell and her voice is auto tuned beyond all reason

  5. My best friend claims she doesn’t find the grumps funny and then I use grumps humor on her and she laughs (I tell her I’m playing “call of duty shoot a man” a lot). There’s two types of people in the world: people who like the grumps and liars who pretend they don’t

  6. That’s true with almost any semi-obscure reference I make with people. It gets a laugh when I say it. But I try to show them the source and they’re like “this is dumb”.

  7. Same lol. I’ve stopped letting people know what I’m quoting because as soon as I say it’s GG they give me a look. Even if they just found it hilarious. I play observation duty with friends and will point to stuff and in a deep voice say like “chair… chair… box..” and they find it funny so why change that?

  8. This would make an incredibly video game.. I can just feel it in my bones

  9. She’s a terrible actress with such a strong fanbase she can do anything and they’ll say it’s great

  10. I’m a HUGE fan of Gaga. A die hard fan. I have her tattooed on my body and cry at her shows. Even I have stuff Gaga has done that I dislike. However, she’s an award winning actress so the academy begs to differ.

  11. Nobody liked me, but then I blinked and now I'm... hmm what's my age again?

  12. Are you the one who called my mom from a payphone saying you were the cops?

  13. I feel like they don't even know what they want sometimes.

  14. I think Boby just finds comfort in being near food lol. But if you get him around bread, especial sour dough, he’ll ruin that loaf

  15. I honestly break this pose out all the time. That way everyone knows I’m a super skinny model

  16. How did you have this much meat? I’ve been going at it for over an hour. There’s still so much food here

  17. Oh no.. look your life is different now. I’d say I’m sorry but you shouldn’t have stolen it!

  18. I just NEED to know! It's for.. science. Yeah. Definitely.

  19. I answered above but no one should eat it or anything, even for science! I know what I’m talking about, just trust me

  20. What meat was that? Just asking for a friend. I didn't steal it. But would i get sick if i did?

  21. Rashes might happen. It’ll be absolutely delicious and you’ll want more but you really shouldn’t have more. Nothing good could come if you have more

  22. I've dated someone who 'made' me the person who should entertain them 24/7. I need my fucking space and my alone time and it just made me depressed and drink way too much because I felt suffocated...

  23. That’s how my crap-ex was. And when I pushed her to make friends she got mad at me. Then she was leaving for a week for Christmas and I didn’t have plans because my family tends to suck so I was super looking forward to the time alone so that she wasn’t always in my space. She then decided I didn’t need to spend a holiday alone and cancelled her trip, despite me telling her she really should go. I think she was just upset I wanted to be alone tbh

  24. The "I'm a bad bitch!" The never ending posturing is unbearable.

  25. Unless they say that about themselves in a joking way. I have an ex (still friends with her, we just didn’t romantically work) who says she’s a bad bitch for buying two boxes of fudge pops when she went to the store for one.

  26. I haven’t seen it but it’s a cartel video of a beheading with “funky town” playing in the background. I’ve heard it is extremely awful and I’ve never dared look into it

  27. Counterargument: “When you hear the buzzer, stare at the art.”

  28. "It's quite possible you might have a minor case of... serious brain damage."

  29. I’ve said this on a Reddit comment before but once when my niece was about 1.5-2 years and just learning to talk, I was sitting by her in my sisters car. Said niece did not know all the lyrics for that song and so, for 2 minutes, sang “thunder.. lightening and the thunder, thunder.. lightening and the thunder, thunder” OVER AND OVER for 20 minutes

  30. My wife and I routinely say to each other, “You could stick it up your bum bum!”

  31. Dude I mean I watched the gif without reading the caption and was wondering why the hell Gaga was casually going through a sea of fans. Absolutely would have done the same thing lol

  32. Me neither! I’ve seen Gaga live and am a pretty big fan of hers and the first time watching this gif, I didn’t read the caption and genuinely thought Gaga was just casually strolling through a sea of fans. Fucking spot on look

  33. Didn't she have a male alter ego on stage just to mock those obsessed with her gender?

  34. Yep! Joe Calderone who wanted to desperately kiss Britney Spears lol. Regardless of if she is Stefani or Joe she’s hot as fuck

  35. Tell me, who dressed you? Where’d you get that hat? Why’s she crying? What’s the price tag? Who’s that girl? Malibu Gaga looks so sad.. what is this sagaaaa? OOOOOH!

  36. Then they can rename all of their future remasters accordingly just to mess with us. I can’t wait to play The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of the Time.

  37. drake the type of guy that laughs on his own jokes

  38. Yeah totally the kind of guy to get shot in a show I watched growing up and still be the most boring character, just in a wheelchair now

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