1. If i get one more pokestop in my area i should get a new gym, the only thing have to nominate in the area are pharmacy and post box, witch one should i push to get added?

  2. I didn't see it in the FAQ or wiki, is there any idea of how long an appeal might take? I just submitted my first one ever, so I'm new to this process. Thanks!

  3. I still get plenty from spinning gyms and doing raids. If you're only spinning Pokéstops, that might be why, as gyms give more healing items whereas stops give more catching items.

  4. Has it been determined what the spawn rate for incense will be for Go Fest? If it’s every 5 minutes, we’ll only get 12 per hour with a 1 in 5 chance of getting any specific Pokémon. If I’m hunting for shiny Axew, I may only get 2 or 3 chances during the hour it’s spawning.

  5. They've not said anything, so assume that you're meant to be out walking to get the benefits.

  6. Yes. Shadow Pokémon have a 1/4096 chance of having 15/15/15 IVs, or 1/1728 if they're weather boosted, which are the same odds as any wild Pokémon. Shadow legendaries from Giovanni have a 1/1000 chance. I've had one hundo shadow before, which was a Bulbasaur.

  7. Not sure if this is just a visual bug, but my

  8. That is a shiny Alolan Marowak on the evolve button (it's blue rather than purple). If you had a shiny Kanto Marowak and a non-shiny Alolan Marowak registered in your dex, it would fill in the blank for the shiny Alolan form, which explains the lack of silhouette.

  9. How does this Cubone to Marowak evolution work?I do not seem to have this option as of now

  10. Both are good enough to max, but if you don't have an immediate need for something, then you probably should hold off on investing in it

  11. Google, Apple and Samsung have their own pricing tiers for tickets. It's been like this for a while. It's down to those three companies rather than Niantic

  12. Hello, i've editted the post and added an image for you to see. There is an already existing pokestop on the picture within a single cell, and the "x" mark is where a new pokestop is accepted but not appearing. Maybe if I re-nominate the new "x" pokestop into the upper right portion outside the grid, maybe it will appear. What do you think? (Since it is still pinned to the structure itself)

  13. If you try to resubmit it, it will just get marked as a duplicate as it already exists in the database. There's not really anything else you can do here.

  14. Your acceptance email tells you it should be live within 48 hours if it's eligible to appear in game (unless there's an issue with syncing).

  15. If they did do some extra bonus to eggs incubated within a distance of a boosted lure, I would assume it would only be 1/5 or 1/6 distance. 1/8 would be silly. If you put a 2km egg in a super incubator with 1/8 distance, you have to walk 0.16km. A 12km egg in a super incubator would be 1km. I don't think Niantic would be that generous.

  16. True but the limited radius doesn’t let you stray too far from the lure so it evens out. (I assume with two community days now that the radius has been figured out right?)

  17. As much as I would go nuts on Kyogre and Groudon to get those XLC, why not putting them in raids on Sunday instead?

  18. I'm still not gonna evolve my good iv ones. Guess I'll just pick a random one of each and waste a bunch of candy to complete this dumb challenge.

  19. I'll evolve them to the middle stage. Then I'll just wait for their inevitably community days.

  20. Would've been nice to have a Rockruff task. Oh well. I'll just be ignoring these.

  21. So I recently got a pokeball plus and it's not working. Whenever I try to connect it, it flashes white, stops flashing and then I get a failed to connect error. I have 13 days before I have to cut my losses and return it. Any ideas?

  22. Have you tried pairing it outside of Pokémon Go by going into your phone's Bluetooth settings? Sometimes I have to pair it in there (and then disconnect the pairing) before it'll connect in Pokémon Go

  23. If you mega evolve a pokemon less than 8 hours before midnight, can you increase its mega level again on the second day or does the one level increase count for both days?

  24. You can do it again on the second day. The point towards the level gets credited when you confirm you want to mega evolve the Pokémon, so as that would be done before midnight, you'd be free to do it again after midnight.

  25. Have you tried pressing upload later and then waiting until you're at home and on a stable network connection?

  26. Suppose you were in your supermarket scenario. As you check out, the till says $2.50. The cashier says $2.50. You use your credit card, and your card is charged $3. That would be more akin to what I experienced. The player should not be responsible for ensuring that the cashier is giving the updated price. In the event that this kind of error occurs, the market should be responsible for correcting it. The customer should not be left holding the bag.

  27. That isn't what you experienced though, because the checkout already had the updated price.

  28. No. Right up until they started giving some people these good boxes, my box would reroll at midnight if I didn't buy it (which I usually didn't if it had regular Potions in). Then when they started that, my box contents just became stuck. I would get a new box at midnight with new items only if I accepted the previous box, which often meant me just trashing the items once I had space to accept them.

  29. I'd just like them to bring back the box rerolling at midnight. It doesn't do that any more since they made it reroll to good items for some people.

  30. I believe it only applies to catches. I got a lot of XL Candy from catching Magikarp during Magikarp spotlight hour, but not many XL Candy from trading the big Magikarp with a friend and transferring everything afterwards. All of this was done whilst I had a level 2 water type mega active.

  31. I’m only asking out of curiosity as this is one of mine subbed on holiday (submitted from my husband’s account as I had run out of subs).

  32. It's supposed to be 3 random nominations within your local reviewing cell that were rated highly and thus constitute a good example of a wayspot. You're clearly in a different UK reviewing cell to me as I'm not seeing you on the showcase. Well done on making the cut though :)

  33. When you submit, you're submitting a wayspot for the Niantic Lightship database, rather than submitting a Pokéstop or Portal as Pokémon Go or Ingress would seem to imply.

  34. Persian has two possible fast moves and Scratch is often the one that gives people issues if they're not using a Pokémon that resists it.

  35. There is a chance that they may not comply with your request to delete your account if you're in the US due to some sort of litigation that requires them to keep certain information.

  36. Well of course I'm totally not a vampire. The wolfman part of my name should tell you all you need to know haha

  37. I went to Leeds, a large city near me, for a CD last year and saw no one playing PoGo.

  38. Leeds group used to meet up near the Minerva Statue on Briggate if I recall correctly (I've been over to Leeds once for community day as it's pretty much my closest city). Obviously with covid having been a thing over the past couple of years, not so many people may have been meeting there. They do have a Facebook group and a Discord (which can be accessed from the pinned posts in their Facebook group). Do you mind me asking which town you live in near Leeds? I'm a fellow Yorkshire person is why I'm asking.

  39. Are you in the Pokémon Go Huddersfield Facebook group? You could probably ask in there if anyone is planning on meeting up for Go Fest. I know Greenhead Park is somewhere that my friends who are local to Huddersfield tend to frequent, dunno if there's any plans to do anything there for Go Fest yet though.

  40. Champion is for all raids that are not legendary raids. The legendary raid medal only counts legendary raids.

  41. You cannot get a shiny shadow Alolan Exeggutor from a grunt. You can only get regular shadow Alolan Exeggutor from a grunt.

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