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  1. "OH BUT WHAT ABOUT ALL THE FREE SEED PACKETS!" Screw the seed packets. I refuse to appease a bunch of lawn ornaments for seeds. If I want plants I'll get them off the gallery and if I want money I'll get my money, oh dont you worry.

  2. Same. I love putting some around beds or on desks. But then when I take screenshots to share something and see them in the background I regret a bit xD

  3. Hey that's a good lesson for real life. Don't wanna show that in a snap story πŸ˜…

  4. I think this specific tiktoker posts very made up messed up goofy ass stories. She is aware that they aren't real and no one should believe they are.

  5. Not like replacing them is a breeze

  6. Yeah i always went with like generated names and they were always so dumb.

  7. Me too. It's my voice, and it's just a running kind of ticker of what needs to be done at the time. That's why I value my downtime so much. I can focus more easily on the things I'd like, to like reading a book. I can't necessarily do that when I know that I have to be at work in 2 hours. There is a countdown in my mind, and a list of things that need to be done before that time.

  8. Strange I have this fabulous man in mine. But it's also crazy at how well I can change it if I'm reading like a women character.

  9. TECHNICALLY SPEAKING the best weapon in the game is a dual enchanted Stalhrim (spelling?) Weapon with Chaos and Freezing, as well as their respective Destruction skills and enchanting skills.

  10. I ran duel wield stahlrim swords. One was paralysis with the 3 elemental thingies. And one with soul trap and stamina drain

  11. We've seen that she can sleep through Yuri being thrown across the room so yeah.

  12. Nightmare and lower difficulties I don't enjoy because there is only like 1 - 20 plague hearts and they go by so quick. Atleast on lethal you have about 30 plague hearts and clearing them out is usually a challenge. I also usually beat nightmare without losing a single character.

  13. round 2 πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

  14. Joker: assassin rogue multiclassed with warlock or sorcerer

  15. Even though this wouldn't be likely Yusuke as dungeon master just because it's Matthew mercer

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