1. It would get GA’d anyways with no reasoning

  2. Nah. they already had their bad group in stage 2. they will be fine.

  3. Japan is certainly one of the few countries in the world where the World Baseball Classic is much more popular than the World Cup, and that is an awesome sight to see.

  4. Japan vs Korea drew a higher rating than the freaking tokyo olympics. thats how big baseball is in japan

  5. Understandable. He should also understand that half of those rumors come from either bloggers with zero connections or talking heads intentionally fabricating lies for clicks.

  6. In the next few years, the USA won't be as dominant. I was looking at the american players that will play in the next fiba/olympics and we don't have the completely stacked super squads we used to.

  7. I feel like shotzzy and illey could've been on the list but the pandemic fucked them over.

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