Pro war Russian learns he is being conscripted

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[Wojnarowski] ESPN Sources: Boston Celtics coach Ime Udoka is facing possible disciplinary action – including a significant suspension – for an unspecified violation of organizational guidelines. Discussions are ongoing within the Celtics on a final determination.

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  1. The reason he only hit 45 HR is because he was walked so much. He had 232 total walks, resulting in just 373 AB for the season (on 617 PAs). His 8.3 AB/HR that year is a higher HR rate than Judge's 9.1 this season.

  2. that doesnt even tell the full story, team gave Bonds damn near nothing to hit in his AB's, he might 1-2 decent pitches to hit per game

  3. You also weren't playing in the finals which might make it worth it. Only somebody in his position will be able to tell you if it's worth it in the end

  4. maybe right now its worth it to him but as time passes his perspective may shift, which is apparently controversial

  5. Maybe but I don’t see Steve Kerr talking about how his bad back and blaming basketball for it. Unlike maybe you, me and the millions of people on Reddit, these guys are getting paid millions. Very good chance that they don’t really even have to work at age 50. Shit sucks to not be able to walk comfortably but it’s not much of a difference if you’re working 8 hours a day and grinding on those legs anyways

  6. Steve Kerrs current back problems were a result of a botch surgery that left him with a CFS leak lmao. Go read up on how many NFL guys regret extending their careers or playing through injuries, its easy when your young and caught up in the moment but when theyre paying the price later a perspective shift isnt uncommon.

  7. Weird. It reads Guilhoto is saying no one was confident and like their confidence was being stuffed down by another member, yet none of them were confident enough to play their own game.

  8. It's interesting that due to demands that each TOW round be accounted for, each strike had to be recorded in Syria. That spurred on the initial influx of recorded TOW strikes in Syria, a side effect originally but soon surpassed the original purpose was the propaganda of the strike video itself. Giving us celebrities like Abu TOW.

  9. Im surprise it took the US this long to supply them to Ukraine tbh

  10. I’ve been saying this since 2019, 8-0 rec MNF and he repeatedly throw the ball to Bobby Wagner and the Seahawks kept dropping it. I know right there that game “he don’t got it” pressure drives vs good defense

  11. its been this way since he tore his ACL, dude lost his fearlessness with that injury

  12. Enough to be season ending for the Niners though

  13. Entirely depends on how the Falcons and Panthers games go

  14. Yeah, seems like it. 4-6 weeks recovery, or he's rushing back and playing limited. We'll be too far behind the eight ball by then.

  15. wed be up 14+ if the refs hadnt screwed us on like 3 drives in a row

  16. I dont see that at all. Its been fairly favorable for us. This play calling is a joke

  17. taw says:

    Insufficient logistics would be an issue with either Soviet or Western tanks.

  18. Honestly Abrams are massive fucking fuel hogs, doubt they get sent over anytime soon, Ukraines bigger issue atm isnt the amount of armor, its the lack of trained personnel+tank logistics/supply chains (spare parts, ammo, sensors, etc)

  19. im not sure i agree with the notion that they won't go- the russian mobilization is a major escalation... so I see this as the time where we'll start learning where the F16 and M1A2 transfer programs are. I bet they've been working on this for some time already.

  20. The US has an entire logistical system set up to support these weapons systems, with decades of institutional knowledge, Ukraine has very limited experience with western weapon systems, and while some are relatively easy to transition too (155, SPG's, HIMARS, etc) tanks and jets require both significantly more training and more complex logistical support structures for the Ukrainians to utilize them effectively.

  21. Anyone else notice when Gilgalad was talking to Elrond about the mithril none of his words were matching up with his mouth? Like they used a voice over for like 15 seconds while the focus was on Elrond…

  22. Eh wed feast on the Bucks defensive scheme, they surrender a ton of open threes, defensively let Giannis get his and focus on shutting down everyone else

  23. Imma go against the grain and say Philly, our games are already ref fuckfests, Embiid+Harden will turn that up to 11, more ref fuckfesst=more variance=most randomized outcomes

  24. better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it

  25. But if it’s so bad a year suspension is worthy, they can just fire him for cause. He’s an employee I’m sure there’s ethics violations written into his contract like everyone else.

  26. But bad enough to suspend for an entire year but not bad enough to fire him for. I can’t even think of anything that would be enough for that but not fireable.

  27. The suspension to try and get him to resign so they dont have to pay his contract

  28. position of power? Theres no power. You think they got some degree that was required to act? What he did is specifically not a crime as he had absolutely no position of power. "he's a well k own creep " ie "i have nothing so im just going to gossip"

  29. pretty easy to support a war when youve got no risk and get to reap the potential reward

  30. bad enough for a long suspension but not bad enough to get fired? uhh

  31. abusing the power of his position, sleeping with the wrong person, substance abuse, fighting with players

  32. It could if it involved sleeping with someone he really shouldn’t have like team staff, depending on their position.

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