Turkish people are review bombing MoonKnight

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  1. I feel like all of my thoughts on this issue were just organized and written out by you 😂 Thank you.

  2. If I can add, because matt and foggy both like the band Oasis, it would make total sense.

  3. The fact that you are aware of an up-and-down pattern in any kind of recovery is already an excellent clue into your character ❤️ The times at the bottom are just resting periods ✨ Here’s to good times to come, love!

  4. Absolutely brilliant! I’m in the process of making mine now, but got kinda stumped at the holes and definition around the base of the beak. I’ll definitely be using this as a guide ✨

  5. That’s one of the biggest reaches I’ve read on this subreddit. It was a crew member not removed from the shot in post. The filmmakers don’t expect sweaty fans to literally view every episode frame by frame to look for mistakes and I’m sure they appreciate you taking the time to highlight where they messed up.

  6. I better not catch ANYONE having any fun around here. So help me if I see one shred of enjoyment or merriment, it’s ON SIGHT.

  7. This is absolutely incredible, I would love to see moonknight! Only if you feel properly inspired of course! You’ll be seeing me at your store ✨

  8. Didn't they mention this place in season 3 during the flashback when Matt says that he knew Karen stopped at their favorite Indian restaurant because he smelled the curry on her clothes?

  9. I see maybe a purple cropped top, some cork wedges, real 60s beach vibe ✨

  10. This study has a lot more to it! They essentially wanted to know if rats would have any sort of bias based on color. They did! Unacquainted rats of the same color would let each other out, but if they were a different color, they most often wouldn’t. After being housed with each other and allowed to meet, however, the same differently colored rats would let each other out without hesitation.

  11. Call me a bad viewer, but what the fuck are they talking about? When was the Armenian genocide even mentioned?

  12. Harrow mentions that if the Goddess Ammit got her way, terrible things throughout history could have been prevented. He lists Hitler, Pol Pot, and the Armenian genocide. That’s actually it, you’re not a bad viewer, it was just such a small detail in a line that had a much bigger point.

  13. Zenigatta with my fucking life man. If he can whoop up any criminal super well who isn't Lupin the we are good with.

  14. Cast iron skillet with olive oil , onions and pieces of bacon. Or shredded and made into a salad with a balsamic drizzle!!!!

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