1. Mozzie suspected as much as well. I think she was, and like usual, Neal was blinded by love.

  2. A few years back I would've said yes, but I've seen a lot of new stuff since then and I can't say it's my favorite. Though it is easily my most re-watched and most nostalgic for sure. It was basically the first non-children's show I ever saw and fell in love with the mystery and espionage genre because of it.

  3. I’d love to hear some more of you recommendations in that genre!

  4. I suppose it might depend on what sort of content you mean. Quite a bit of fannish activity (in general, I mean, not specific to WC) seems to be on tumblr these days, so that might be a good option for short fan edit type things. But I’d say YouTube is probably still the first place I’d look if I were just browsing around to see what I might’ve missed.

  5. Thanks for the input! I was thinking about making some analysis on character developments and relationships, as well as videos on fan theories. I figured my best bet would be YouTube, but I figured I’d test the waters with a potential large portion of my initial viewers.

  6. I’ll play an episode while I’m out and about and can’t see the screen, but can hear the dialogue!

  7. Yepp. I do!! Best way to fall asleep!!

  8. Honestly, I’m gonna have to go with 6. Love the Pink Panthers plot. The final heist is the best one in the show. Peter and Neal are on good terms throughout the entire season, and it just feels like they have the most chemistry in season 6 because of it. Don’t get me wrong, every season is great, and the entire series is a 10/10, but season 6 ties things up perfectly in only 6 episodes. I obviously wish there was more content in terms of quantity, but the quality of the final season outweighs the quality of any other season.

  9. I plan on starting Suits next. I’ve never seen it, but from what I’ve seen about it, it seems kinda like the lawyer version of White Collar.

  10. I feel like we should aspire to be more like Peter than Neal

  11. I’ve watched arcane S1 one time so far. I cannot remember this sandwich whatsoever. Can someone give me some context?

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