My wife and I both tried to draw a map of the US from memory.

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  1. Amazing how you can remember so many states but the general shape of the country is so off (particularly the first)

  2. If you look at the way the states are arranged in the first one, it generally follows the arterial US highway system. All the states they remember are clustered around common routes between hub cities. This person has road tripped.

  3. I wonder why no one is talking about the one size pixel watch. It's too tiny. I prefer bigger watches and 40mm is just too small.

  4. Funnily enough, that is the thing I find most appealing about it? I'm female with a small wrist circumference (under 6"), and most smartwatches are ridiculously large. I have a fossil gen 5 right now and the watchface actually hangs slightly off my wrist on both sides. I needed to trim a solid inch off the silicone strap because the slack was tucking under the watch back and blocking the sensors.

  5. I make $25 and rent is still over 1/2 my monthly take home... If I live in a shitty basement rental or an apartment building with roaches and rats. Utter horseshit.

  6. That whole scene is just heartbreaking. Between Buffy’s confession and then the look on Willow’s face when she realized what she did, I just sob.

  7. Willow's expression when she heard this had me folding like a deck chair. Oof.

  8. Ugh, I play this game too much. Get steel axe, go to the secret forest.

  9. I missed that guy the first time he came around, does he ever come back? The quest is still active but I don't have any footprints to follow. :(

  10. I love people who think the pills are a cure. Y'all think I'm really sitting here eating my plain, boiled potato instead of that fluffy, buttery mashed because... I don't feel like swallowing a pill? Be real. Sometimes they just don't work, and the proteins in milk products give me cystic acne regardless of lactose.

  11. I need to go back and rewatch the moment that FCG suggested using the Changebringer coin. Matt's reaction to using that item specifically was verrrrrry interesting and I'm pretty sure the table was too absorbed to notice it.

  12. I'd have to work it anyway but time and a half is the only time I make a living wage.

  13. how come the smaller can says 540mL and the bigger one is 515mL?

  14. The "shorter" can has a slightly larger circumference, which means it actually holds more liquid. Science!

  15. I'm a girl with small hands and I'm telling you man, the configuration of the seat adjustment mechanism is such that no human hand can enter successfully from the front or sides while seated.

  16. Who tf thinks Q-tips in ears feels good? It just compacts that shit til my hearing is muffled.

  17. You're utilizing it wrong. You need to hold the tip near the bud, then roll slightly with a downward or upward and outward motion. You only compact the wax if you plunge.

  18. Not sure how I roll it when it’s the same size as my ear hole.

  19. Your ear hole is flexible, it stretches out like a noodle. Apply a little vertical pressure downward or upward while turning the bud in an outward motion - never move the q-tip laterally towards the ear drum.

  20. The temptation to fill it to the brim with crustless cucumber sandwiches is overwhelming.

  21. Nine times out of ten when I visit Tim's, they're out of bread. Now there's a whole NEW thing that they're gonna stock precisely five of? Who cares. I just want them to have a normal amount of fucking regular bread and sandwich crap for days when I haven't made a lunch, christ.

  22. I learned the answer to this at a really good ramen spot in Tokyo. I had no idea why ramen always gave me the runs, and also assumed lactose. Nope… apparently you are not supposed to drink the broth other than a small bit! In Japan, they never do this. Apparently there’s so much fat and sodium in there, it will make most people explode. The broth is only there to flavor the noodles and pork. I had no idea! Now I can eat it without any issue. :)

  23. This is why humans aren't supposed to drink seawater. People always say it dehydrates you, but skip the "how" part where consuming salt in large doses gives you raging diarrhea.

  24. Why not hang on to it in case you need to put something down on a gross surface ? lol

  25. It would also make a nice sitting pad for wet grass or questionable public seating. I'd tuck it in the sack for sure!

  26. But did you know the green crystal makes musical sounds because I didn't, until my kid discovered it the other day x___x (She's discovered a few things I haven't...)

  27. I clicked it once so I knew about the 'pleasant sound', but it took me weeks to realize all four sides make a slightly different tone.

  28. Omg so NTA. If my husband disturbed my regularly scheduled introvert-in-her-hole time, I would be a mess lol. I call these times my “goblin hours”. You deserve your goblin hours too!

  29. Big approval for this comment. Sometimes I just need to not speak or hear words. Forcing myself to 'person' during this time can wreck my whole week.

  30. i am so tempted to get these it is insane omg. they look like such solid quality and i love a good motel keychain……broke rn but SOON

  31. I want them, I just have NO idea what to do with them. I only have one set of keys. What else can I use these for? PLS HELP I'M BUYING THEM ANYWAY.

  32. It's clearly asinine, but I can tell this person has never used a nicotine patch. You might be able to get one on unnoticed, but boy howdy are they gonna feel it coming off. You can shower with those things, they don't peel off all gentle. They take the first three layers of skin and every follicle of hair with them.

  33. Y’all remember when Ash was playing with the ring box during Laura’s merch corner, and forgot she was on camera.

  34. I have four corners and the pots grab snails, crayfish and periwinkle from the pond bottom left.

  35. It's highly dependent on your neighbourhood and geographic location, but if you live anywhere near the suburbs - don't do it.

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