1. Looks good. Wonder who’s the “star” of this entry.

  2. I'll boost for boost! Can anyone in the Earnin Community help me boost my Max? 🙂

  3. Annnnd nothing still for Pablo, Kelly or Amanda yet again .

  4. I doubt the first two games at least will be next gen exclusive. Ps5 and Xbox series x aren’t too available for most people yet.

  5. Player 1: Alex Player 2: Fliss, Conrad Player 3: Julia, Brad

  6. Honestly if it wasn’t as buggy I think more people would give it a chance.

  7. Pyramid head is least scary enemy in the series IMO. To me he looks like regular person with a halloween mask.

  8. How many times have we’ve been down this road?At this point I’m keeping my expectations at the depths of hell. Can’t ever be disappointed if you were never expecting anything to begin with.

  9. Stay with your team. Pay attention to icons on the mini map. Teams members might mark something you might need. Do the same for them. Don’t use cars until all the map pieces are collected. Share resources if teammates ask. Don’t try to solo a possessed unit. Follow these and you will be golden.

  10. Ideally a trailer, character names ,maybe a couple interactions between characters to get a feel of their personality, and hopefully a playable section showing the new mechanics and a death.

  11. NTA if everyone in the world thought like your friend no one would ever help anyone ever. Call immediately someone needs to watch out for those kids.

  12. I think maybe she will have a second chance sort of ability. Maybe she can resurrect herself once per game.

  13. Bruce Campbell, Robert Englund, Tony Todd, Sherry Moon Zombie...

  14. They all would be good choices. I think Bruce Campbell and Sherry Moon Zombie would more likely consider a project like this.

  15. What if Mariska just plays her character from law and order in one of the games

  16. That actually would be kind of cool like some sort of cross over game.

  17. Emily in little hope. I’d murder newborns to see her interact with Angela

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