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  1. Unfortunate that change is only called for when the systems of cheap, exploitable labor begin to fail - but, better late than never.

  2. Absolutely agree with this, and it would be extra hilarious if the drops were EVE related. Exotic dancers, drugs wine, and FRIENDship.

  3. A single drunk Brown University grad student, in my experience

  4. This sub has become insufferable in the shit that gets posted as "hell"

  5. Huge fan of those channels and accessibility in our city design. I have lived in the area for 3 years without a car, and have posted about the lack of infrastructure before here as well:

  6. When you put it like that, a month sub to eve doesn't sound too bad

  7. Most difficult semester by far. All of the increasing expectations - from both students and admin - yet none of the past grace. We started the semester remote and had no idea whether this would continue or, as did happen, switch to in-person, so as a result myself and most of my colleagues prepared basically twice the amount of courses (one set for returning in person, the other for the potential for remaining remote).

  8. I prefer to bash the intellect of my colleagues on social media, which is a far easier and more enjoyable bar to meet, thank you.

  9. I want an attack battleship class that can fit cap weapons :)))

  10. it's called the 'marauder.' they fit siege modules and haws

  11. Saw 2k upvotes and expected far more interesting content than this. Is this really the best drama NDAs can buy? Seems like just a lot of bitter former players and a typical gaming industry workplace culture.

  12. That doesn't make sense. Wouldn't incompetence be working incredibly hard on a game and still having a poor product? Relaxed but underperforming just sounds normal in the gaming industry.

  13. Should add the USA itself, since we've bombed our own people

  14. Lots of comments here are missing the point of the post and the problems with motorcycles as a means of transit that is similar to car-based designs. A transportation system that relies on motorcycles as a primary means of transportation requires the same infrastructure as car-centric designs, and creates the same problematic, unsustainable system where transportation relies on personal vehicles, rather than a shared system based on universal design. It is also by far the most dangerous form of transit - upwards of 25 times more dangerous per mile of travel than a car, of course this is partly due to the broader system of heavier vehicles posing high risk to motorcycles, pedestrians, and bikes.

  15. Also e-bikes have a smaller CO2 footprint than normal bikes since producing food calories is less efficient than electricity. Don't have numbers at hand, but it's something like 10 to 1 for each food calorie produced.

  16. Tons of stolen property goes in and out of those tent cities in the Bay Area. In SF I’ve seen some try to sell stolen food

  17. "Stolen food" Wait till you hear about the level of food waste by supermarkets in this country. But go on worrying about ""stolen food"'

  18. So food waste makes stealing ok? Good amount of stores out there need permanent security, modified hours, and to lock up merchandise behind glass. Pretty dumb example of whatboutism by you there

  19. Food is a human right. No one deserves to starve. Fuck off.

  20. I visited last fall and stayed on the island a few days, after the busiest part of tourist season ended, and fell in love with the place - especially the parts away from the downtown pictured here. I took the trail around the island, 8 miles, and the scenery was so gorgeous, from the steep cliffs to the views of the Mackinac bridge. The quiet, lack of engine noises, friendliness of people, and history were all so calming, and lack of cars was the biggest factor.

  21. I visit Rotterdam in just three months from now, I can't wait! I might not leave.

  22. "Just build another lane, it will reduce congestion" - car brains in Michigan

  23. This site is such an incredible wealth of research and history - I was JUST talking to others about how this freeway displaced entire neighborhoods, and now have solid citations for this. I am curious what your goals with this broader project are, and what we can do to support them?

  24. If your personal beliefs get in the way of providing the medical and health needs and explicit requests of your patients, get the fuck out of medicine. Whether it is abortion, sterilization, LGBTQ health services, you are failing in your role to put patient autonomy first.

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