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  1. There are several articles. I’d suggest just google search of pharmacist suicide rate

  2. I am hesitant to recommend almost any supplement. Most have little-to-no benefit. Supplements are too poorly regulated to mean much even if they have some benefit. You might not get the right ingredients. The ingredients might not get the the correct part of your system. Usually, there is no safety and efficacy data for specific brands. It's a crapshoot at best.

  3. I don’t recommend vitamins period. Unless their doctor said they need to take D or B12 or B6 I advise all of my patients to stay away from them. Now, beyond that rant because it’s not what you asked, I stick to natures bounty, nature made or store brand. Shop sales.

  4. Ever since I saw a report that many store brands had none of the advertised active ingredient in their supplements, I have completely avoided the store brands. I try to always get Nature Made if I need something like Vitamin D because of the USP seal.

  5. While true, if the ads weren't effective, drug companies wouldn't pay for them. If there are several medications for a specific condition, and a patient comes in and describes their symptoms and says, "can I try _____," then the doctor is more likely to prescribe that than some of the alternatives, even if it may not be the least expensive or best option for that patient.

  6. Ok? Who cares? If the drug helps then what does it matter?

  7. Ok, full disclosure. I am a pharmacist. It matters for several reasons, in my opinion.

  8. What about Soldier Boy? Wasn't he raised by a normal family and was a normal human

  9. I am so glad MoonKnight chose character development over mindless action.

  10. I'll be honest... While I liked Moon Knight, I was really hoping for a little more brutal action than we got.

  11. everyone here is glossing over the fact that an octopus was literally sucking dick the last 2 episodes

  12. Yeah know, I can't get past the fact that I am pretty sure octopuses have a beak.

  13. I'm going to say it depends on your class as well as your play style. As others mentioned, the light AR is medium to long range. So, if you want to cover more area and be more lethal in more situation, you either want short range or very long range.

  14. The Operative : It's not my place to ask. I believe in something greater than myself. A better world. A world without sin.

  15. He kind of had to, that movie would have been boring as shit without him.

  16. This sub kinda pathetic for the Todd hate post with hundreds of top comments fantasizing about ways the show writers will brutally murder him or at the very least graphically mutilate him. Y'all missing the point of the show and it's sad, I say this as someone who deeply hates the IRL version of Todd.

  17. I dislike Todd, but I also think that MM shouldn't have just punched him in the face like that. Yeah, Todd's irritating and brainwashed with the stuff we know is nonsense from Homelander and Vought, but MM hasn't been doing great this season either. And assaulting someone cause they call you a bad dad generally isn't going to fly. Not to mention that it probably looks awful to his daughter.

  18. He's also probably the most sympathetic Trump/HL fanboy. Isn't shown to be a racist, in a relationship with a black woman and genuinely cares for her child and is what he thinks is a good dad. Is a mild mannered teacher who stands up to what he thinks is a dead beat dad twice his size, who his girlfriend left and very likely cant/won't tell him why (so he has to assume the worst).

  19. Agreed on pretty much every account. MM is obviously not doing well, and they make that painfully obvious. Frenchie is high and straight up tells us that MM is in a bad spot. While I understand that his history with Soldier Boy really screws with him, it's pretty disheartening that he basically hasn't been there for his daughter much at all.

  20. I think people are frustrated because this appears to be putting the burden to enforce a morally, and potentially religiously, driven law onto medical care professionals. We are generally supposed to focus on patient safety, not morality of legislation. It's an odd thing to force on health care personnel. And then that is compounded by having the physician pass the buck to us when they could just as easily ask if the patient is pregnant and put that in the same information section, instead of requiring us to do so.

  21. X4 just feels good to play, has great level design, weapons, bosses, etc. The armor btw is fantastic, the 4th armor is super useful, and no, x starts totally naked, he only starts X5 and X6 with armor. Also, people hated the story in other m not just because it was bad, but because of how big of a part of the game it was. It was a FOCUS. X4 isn't rly hurt by the storytelling because it isn't much of a focus, u can skip every cutscenes and just run and gun, it works great and is very fun. Also, people hated other M's gameplay too...

  22. ...who even gives an F about the story in x games? Is that the only reason you're surprised people love it? We love it because it has great gameplay

  23. When that is one of the changes they make to the series, it is something I remember. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  24. Honestly, I agreed when ppl here said A-Train should die from that heart attack cause it's a natural conclusion to his arc.

  25. maybe it's because I still have game of thrones PSTD but really wish they would just wrap up some character arcs and settle on main plot. I really didn't need A Train back and the deep is just octopussy comic relief at this point.

  26. Yeah, I'm not even sure why The Deep is still in the show regularly at this point. I feel like he has not really been important for a long time.

  27. Probably because it gives a time table, and thus some context, for the discussion.

  28. It can also just be easier to digest Reddit commenters if that’s what you’re used to. Or this can be a way to source information instead of the source itself. Maybe they’re trying to gauge if they try should dive in to research or not. Plenty of reasons.

  29. Also, no dealing with ads and popups from all of the different sites on my phone. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  30. I get what you're saying but I own guns and I know enough about them to discuss with whoever I want. If we don't ever discuss regulations to help prevent gun violence, will we ever reach any kind of agreement?

  31. Oh, by all means, if people who do know guns are ready and willing to have these discussions, then let's do it. It's just gotten so politicized, and the second amendment makes it so hard to regulate in a meaningful fashion unless people who enjoy the hobby or who want guns for protection see the merit in passing these laws as well.

  32. a D&C? Where has a DNC been banned?

  33. I'm not sure that a D&C has specifically been banned. But doctors, hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies are wary of any procedure/medicine that increases their risk of being sued or accused of medical malpractice in areas with harsh abortion laws.

  34. So do we believe an aide or a member of secret service

  35. Has the secret service member actually made a statement or testified, or do we just have a rumor that they intend to?

  36. No they have made an offical statement that they wish to.

  37. I would also like to see the statement. I think all I have seen so far was a social media post from an NBC reporter or something saying they have a source that the secret service member would make a statement.

  38. Yuuuup. When told that his supporters were chanting to hang Mike Pence, his response was that Mike deserves it. Just insane.

  39. When did that information come out? I haven't followed these hearing very well.

  40. Thanks! It has been a while since I saw season 1, so I couldn't remember. I remember thinking he seemed a bit uptight, but not corrupt or evil.

  41. But the point of PEMDAS is to show that you don’t always need clear notation to solve a problem correctly.

  42. This one is pretty clear, but I have definitely seen problems that are intentionally unclear and seem to exist just to get people bickering over possible answers due to lack of clarity.

  43. I didn't even think about using the order of operations so I went left to right and got 18. Order of operations is just not something you think about if you don't work a job that does a lot of math and aren't in school. I would have written out the equation differently if I was actually doing math myself for real life purposes

  44. I don't feel like I do much math in my job, but my brain is kind of wired to do order of operations at this point. It may depend on how many math classes someone has had to do in their life, even if they don't currently use math.

  45. I was being a bit tongue-in-cheek, but I figure any state with trigger laws or abortion bans already in place qualify. Thank you for your help!

  46. Is there a difference between the male and female mindset when approaching games? Like guys, obviously not all, love looking beefy chiseled out. Why don’t guys complain when they look like Conan the barbarian? Are we internally accepting and have peace like “yea im not gonna look anything like that, oh well, time to play” Is there a reason for this? Is this my anecdotal view based on the people or is there some truth to it.

  47. I like creating absurd characters. I'm a dude in my 30s. In Elden Ring, my first character was some beefy elderly woman with purple wiry hair and prominent cheek bones, and a pointy chin and nose. I think my eyes were two different colors.

  48. You can always count of the Supreme Court to make the wrong decision anymore.

  49. These Dr’s didn’t get off. The job of Supreme Court is to uphold the constitution not to make decisions based on facts. The facts are for the lower court to decide. This case is going back to the lower court to be ruled upon. In most med mal/negl cases include a jury instruction asking if “the physician acted in good faith”. This question was not answered by the jury. This is why. So they didn’t really side with the doctors.

  50. Thanks. Truth be told, I am pretty angry in general right now and not at all happy with the Supreme Court, so I am just tempted to assume they are corrupt or bumbling idiots, but I do need to take a step back and recognize that you are right and that this may have been the right decision for the Supreme Court. The doctors seem to clearly be in the wrong, but I am trying to figure out why the Supreme Court even heard the case in they were going to kick it back to a lower court.

  51. I’m way less interesting than both of them combined, but I’ll do it for half the price.

  52. I'm also not interesting, but I'm not sure I'm a great candidate for a friend. I am a cranky sonuvabitch.

  53. TIL, laws against killing innocent human beings are now "big government."

  54. Bans that remove choice and will kill women are "big government." Your ignorance about the reality of pregnancy and stuff like miscarriages and the real damage these laws can cause don't excuse your horrid behavior anymore.

  55. You will always have a "choice" to attack others for your own personal benefit; thankfully, in the case of abortion with the overturning of Roe, this can now land you in prison as is appropriate, because you chose to be that awful of your own free will, the killing is deliberate and intentional.

  56. You're wrong, and history will find your ilk contemptible. I hope the rest of the civilized world makes you unwelcome until you leave the Dark Ages. Stay mad.

  57. What about the right to life? If you say we don't have a right to life, then YEESH.

  58. Yes, you spent 20min CSing for some enemy moron or a team moron (or yourself) to just do a shit play and get steamrolled drawing the game out for 20 more min after which you have spent in total 50min of your time having no fun. This is why I only play ARAM anymore, 90% of this game is just sitting around hitting minions and hoping you don't fuck up.

  59. It stands for All Random All Middle. Basically it’s one lane and each team gets random characters to use in that lane

  60. Oh, gotcha. I played Smite for a while, and it had a similar game mode that I played a lot. I think it was called Assault. I almost never played the standard Moba game mode in Smite.

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