ETB full of code cards and a pin. Shining fates, battle styles, evolving skies, darkness ablaze etc. Some more than others. Comment/upvote? 👉👈 Will pick a random winner in 24 hours or so. I'll cover shipping to anywhere except Mongolia. Ships from U.S. Good luck!

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  1. Nice! I'm still on my hunt for dowsing.

  2. From which pack can we get these cards?

  3. What's your crosshair settings, if you don't mind? BTW, this is a really cool post, OP

  4. This moment was from the fireworks scene during the movie

  5. I mean is that so surprising? Of course she has a family, just like many other characters in this anime do.

  6. I see. That makes more sense now that I think of it. Thanks!

  7. Yo, just a random question but how many friendship items did you use to get to level 10 so fast? Btw, your build looks very nice :)

  8. You can't use Cherrim's ability on a Pokemon V

  9. I'm guessing they use cherrim to accelerate energy to the zarude, which in turn still applies to venusaur's ATK, "all of your energy attached".

  10. This is for standard format. For expanded, however, both should appear.

  11. Bite + single strike energy + ludicolo + weakness = 300. Not sure where the extra 20 comes from though. Maybe vitality band?

  12. I'm guessing they attached a second single strike energy to the houndour: (20 (base dmg) +20 (ss energy) +20 (ss energy + 100 (ludi)) x 2 = 320.

  13. What Could Have Been - Sting ft. Ray Chen is my personal favourite. Misfit Toys, Dirty Little Animals are close seconds I think

  14. LF: Wailmer (any set) FT: Evolving Skies pack

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