1. They would all be utterly terrified by this new hero who can somehow kill immortal god like beings. Imagine being a god with night unlimited power with no concept of being able to die then some rando comes to you and casually proves they can kill you.

  2. Have someone watching over Bolton. Roose is a skilled commander and a powerful vassal, a command is justified. However Ned would want detailed accounts of Rooses every move

  3. Considering he's a member of a "socialist" party, it's possible he's just a tankie.

  4. The fuck are you talking about. The Social Democrats are almost always centre left to centre right. He's not a Tankie, he's just right wing

  5. pov: you didn't read the article. Here's the full essay it's quite compelling

  6. Pov: You put complete faith in a political party that has no firm beliefs other then everything is fine

  7. "I read as much before they wanted my email to keep reading" my brother in christ do you need an infographic and a GTA race video to hold attention.

  8. Oh no, how dare I not give out my email to every website that asks so I can fill my inbox.

  9. I feel like sometimes people make Otto 'too' evil. I don't think he'd conspire against Baelon, he's the obvious, clear, legal heir. I think he would encourage Alicent to marry Viserys and then betroth their daughter to Baelon.

  10. Otto literally help start a civil war with dragons because he was obsessed with getting his blood on the throne. He knew what would happen if Aegon took the throne. Nothing is beyond him

  11. That only worked when Otto's grandson was the eldest son of the king. Rhaenyra was named heir but much of Westeros rejected that in favor of more traditional succession.

  12. Baelons claim only works if he's alive/considered legitimate or dead but has a son of his own and still considered legitimate. That's why I said Otto would plot against Baelon if he couldn't marry a grandchild to him

  13. Hell no. If they could be independent from him they'd be throwing everything behind DeSantis

  14. Who ever beats Roman second kinda doesn’t have a real moment.

  15. It's going to happen eventually unless the titles are permanently unified. Someone will eventually beat Roman second, or win a vacant title if he gets injured, and it won't be as important as the first

  16. Might not matter. Trump has the party by the balls still, and if he doesn't get his way he will try to ruin it for DeSantis

  17. Ali got rocked at the end of the 4th round and went through the ropes. He was, as they say "saved by the bell", which is illegal now. You still have to go through an 8 count, even at the end of the round, and anyone going loopy through the ropes gets automatically stopped no matter what.

  18. Based on a comment up further Ali was getting rocked by illegal tactics from Cooper

  19. Nope, perfect left hook. You can watch it on Youtube if you don't believe me.


  21. Congratulations to both men. Gunther had obviously defied fan expectations on the main roster, and Cody was probably the best choice

  22. Not very surprising. If he was healthy he was the only obvious winner

  23. Ned never goes south, so his kids don't marry Southerners (excluding Manderly and maybe Blackwood). After all, Southern Ambitions got Rickard killed and I feel like if Ned never goes south he wouldn't make southern marriages.

  24. It would be useless on a battlefield, and it's not intended to be a battlefield tactic. The style was developed as one vs one duels. Syrio being a master knows how to use it in multi man situations, stunning or killing Lannister guards who weren't really that armoured or skilled to begin with, but he's useless against Trant wearing heavy armour. Syrio wasn't an idiot, he knew he wasn't leaving alive, his sole intention was to distract them so Arya could escape

  25. I'm not really into watching a man die on video. Could someone give a brief overview of how bad it is?

  26. Well, you've got tackling down, welcome to the Bulldogs

  27. Technically we don't know if they did it or if it was a mistake. But if they did do it, a united Commonwealth has the potential to oppose the Institute, especially if they found out about the more fucked up experiments. A chaotic, unorganised Commonwealth is much easier to secretly control

  28. Except for the millions of people who were slaughtered, disappeared, sent to prison gulags, or forcibly relocated to the Eastern steppes of Russia, sure!

  29. You mean the same shit that happened under the Tsar? Same thing happening now? The names change but there's something unique about Russia thats imo causes it.

  30. But yet there's still a spot for him in court. And Charles will make sure Andrew never has to go on trial

  31. Neither of those gives you the power to detain someone who won a trial by combat. If you can just say "lol nope I don't accept these results im keeping you under house arrest" why didn't Catelyn go after Tyrion again?

  32. Erm. I think the difference is that with or without the trial by combat.. tywin has control of tyrion.

  33. You mean the exact same situation he ended up in? That he was somewhat fine with because he got to live?

  34. Answer: The conservative media tends to criticize Greta Thunberg because she is the young face/mascot of the 'alarmist' climate change movement. The recent added 'hate' is most likely from her recent arrest at a germany coal mine that had to go back into operation due to energy issues in Europe from the Ukranian and Russian war. Greta was there to protest the reopening and operation of this mine, was 'arrested', and carried away from the entrance of the coal mining facility. This incident appears by the right to be an opportunity for fame and keeping up appearances with her public image of climate change activist.

  35. What a winding biased way to say "I want to live in ignorance about climate change and I hate when someone says I might have to sacrifice a bit of my comfort to save the world"

  36. Choice consistent to Ned? That's a hard one. I'm going to say don't tell Cersei. Do everything the exact same, but if he doesn't tell Cersei then Robert might just make it back alive. IIRC Varys even tells him that bluntly in the black cell.

  37. Cersei must have had a ton of chances to kill Robert before, I don't see why this hunting trip was any different. She had failed pretty recently at the tourne. What about this one hunting trip among a thousand.

  38. He had every reason to think the children were in danger. His father had just betrayed the Targaryns in the biggest way possible, and Tywin was widely known as being utterly without mercy in those situations. Jamie was in a unique position where he could have protected the children with his own person and he would have not been cut down, unlike anyone else who was there.

  39. He was obeying the King's orders to stay near him. Aerys left Elia, Aegon and Rhaenys to their fate. It's not Jaime's fault that by the time Rossart and Aerys were dead that he had been seen and his fathers men were close to taking the castle

  40. People barely watch reserve grade quality as it is, who would watch a bunch of amateurs fumble with the ball?

  41. But he will never vote against party line. His words are meaningless unless he intends to back up those statements. Will it end his career? Yes. If he truly cares for world order, if he's truly sick of the shit show, he would sacrifice his career.

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