1. When I was at a party/bonfire in my early 20’s, I was chatting with a girl I had just met. Sitting by the fire and getting to know each other. Lots of flirting.

  2. Any kind of pubes on a women is great. If your complaining about hairs in your mouth, you clearly don’t have a beard hahah

  3. I'd rather have an emotional connection first before getting physical.

  4. Agreed. Personal and emotional connection is more important than physical. But there has to be some sort of physical chemistry as well

  5. I'd say it's quite a rare thing but I did have one when I was 24, was a good dynamic.

  6. Agreed. Especially when your in your mid 20’s and not looking for anything serious

  7. Definiately, we did it 2-3 times a week and it got me through some rough periods. Kinda miss it.

  8. Honestly same. The best one was a summer fling. We fucked like rabbits. And everywhere. Beach, pier, on hikes. The chemistry was amazing. Definitely wish I could go back some days

  9. As much as there needs to be for both to be satisfied. I personally love foreplay. I could go down on a woman for hours

  10. Peak male physique. Soft and warm, but strong. I need my guy to be able to throw me around but will also go hard on some chicken nuggies with me. Add a beard and I'm head over heels

  11. Usually if he says he can play guitar and his favorite song is Wonderwall

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