Liz Cheney Hints She Might Run Against Donald Trump in 2024

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  1. I usually am pretty good about knowing what's a scam and what's worth the risk. I was just rushing through it today and was so proud of myself for having a bunch of TOTW saved up that I didn't even crunch the numbers. 😂

  2. Listen man, the first year sbcs came out I threw a full spurs team when only one player was needed for an 84 dele. We all fuck up

  3. Historically when else has this low level confidence across the board occur in the US? Or other nations even? Aside fromFrance 1789, how did those other instances turn out?

  4. Proto Man and Zack were two of my most wanted echoes

  5. Here's an analysis on how it's changing across the US:

  6. Just so you know, your browser’s reader view will bypass this paywall, and many others.

  7. Aren't those two things mutually exclusive? He cums fast but he can't cum?

  8. You could buy vinyl or even rubber protectors.

  9. Y’all need to save some euros for cristiano

  10. Tomorrow’s article: “Russian oligarch mysteriously sets self on fire after sustaining several gunshot wounds. Kremlin to seize assets”

  11. I’m ignorant on Ukrainian dynamics, but is Donbas the texas of Ukraine?

  12. If texas' desire to secede is largely I fluency and financed by central and South America and then Mexico invaded on the basis that Mexicans in Texas were being oppressed then sure Donbass is like texas.

  13. I’m actually referring to the creation of Texas. Mexico is Ukraine in this example

  14. Sure, but the battle arena mode allows you to play Smash without GSP on the line and with more freedom, such as being able to choose your stage or specific ruleset and being able to change characters for rematches. So Battle Arenas having an Elite Only mode means you can have those kinds of games while also being able to assume anyone who joins a lobby is at a decent level of skill at the game.

  15. I’m sure they’ll secede any minute. They can pay for the recovery on their own without NY/CA/WA/MA dollars

  16. Yeah, Fetterman running sooner could help him, before he has a long voting record in the Senate, sort of strike when the iron is hot, like Obama. A long paper trail can hurt a Senator. Obama was the first sitting Senator to win since JFK.

  17. There’s simply no way fetterman runs and if he does, he isn’t winning the presidency. I’m not sure why you think that. Senate, yes.

  18. This is a serious question with absolutely no homophobia, please take me at my word, pure logistics. My wife hates it when I grow my beard and doesn’t want to kiss me.

  19. Another example of the deleterious effects of stress. Not only do you get impulse control issues and subsequent stress eating, this mouse model suggests that stress screws up the troughs and peaks of the hormones that regulate insulin and therefor blood sugar levels. If the rhythm is messed up, the subject gains wait by way of increased insulin.

  20. I’ve been stressed due to work and the need to continuously advance degrees for the past 10 years now.

  21. I thought hamberders and soda were bad for your health. Is leaded gasoline that good for your longevity despite its effect on your brain?

  22. I would say some are way more responsible then her. Those like Ted Cruz. She did vote to impeach at least. She is far from clean, but at least she is standing by her convictions.

  23. Yeah, and more than Romney and murkowski and Collins for that matter.

  24. Serious question: I grew up between the Tropic of Cancer and the equator. Mosquitos didn’t fuck with me.

  25. Xi must now be sent to an isolation camp.

  26. Same one as Boris Johnson and his cabinet during UK lockdowns

  27. It’s not a template for future challenges. It’s a test for whether the ruling was hypocritical. Based on the gun laws and EPA hypocrisy I think the following is apropos

  28. I've never had Tik Tok content because I'm an introvert and too afraid to get in front of a camera and post stuff about me. Ha! So take THAT, FBI!

  29. Your Reddit content can still be used against you by the FBI.

  30. Wait until Republicans find out about California's massive budget surplus. They'll explode.

  31. What state has a surplus of ¢72? Did I read that during a 2am trip to the shitter?

  32. I mean she must be running as a spoiler. She’d probably be great at that

  33. Imagine if she ran independent? Would def screw with republicans

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