1. I think I could work this out with masking tape and raw spaghetti.

  2. Friendly caution: i split my bay commute all the time, but its easy to get comfortable splitting at speeds too high. I nearly died on my bay commute when someone thought they could shoot a gap from the far right late to the HOV, and caught me splitting. I went over their hood, flew 50' and somehow didn't hit anything but my chin bar on my helmet when I landed. Broke my jaw, shattered some teeth, and game me a nasty TBI. Mind those gaps.

  3. Legally speaking, who is to blame when that happens? Whose insurance pays, the car or the bike?

  4. More often than not the driver of the car is ‘at fault’ and would pay damages. Now this depends on the state, some have partial or shared fault clauses, but most are all or nothing.

  5. It seems like a really complicated issue. I can see why drivers would be against lane splitting. They accept aditional risk with no payoff in terms of speedier commute. There is no way to tell whether or not the rider was following the lane splitting speed limits. If they are not, it seems unfair for the driver to accept 100% of the blame. I know this comment is absolute blasphemy on this subreddit.

  6. Looks great. Next time, you should find a way to hide the hinge.

  7. Of if the wood piece behind the hinge matched the lid, the hinge wouldn’t be as visible.

  8. There are other options. It's a bit late now that's put holes in the lid, though. [(

  9. Sure, but what can you do about it? Getting rid of that mich snow is pretty much impossible and those people probably don’t have a second house somewhere with less snow

  10. So... you'd just choose to die in your snow covered house?

  11. Bro most of us would choose it without the snow covered house. If God wants me, he wants me.

  12. Not misunderstood but overrated.

  13. I started watching him in the early Geoff days. I got fed up with the lack of quality of the builds as they got bigger.

  14. I thought I had seen them all but I don't know who Geoff is. I often see people make complaints about quality. I don't understand it. All of the YouTube car shows have questionable quality. He's an amateur taking on very ambitious projects. He's not trying to sell them, and he's not making how-tos.

  15. Putting a wood post in concrete will rotted out over the next 20 to 30 years. Pour the concrete in while it is still wet get a plate to put the post in.

  16. Maybe 'anti-driver' is better? Some comments are right that this image is caused by looking from different angles

  17. That still makes no sense. Can I ask about this, though. Are you one of those people to creates a user profile with a lot of kharma so that you can sell it later?

  18. Like Argentina's? Known about. Inspectors didn't find anything because they weren't party to non-proliferation treaties - there were no inspections until 1980s. Turns out we actually overestimated their nuclear weapons progress.

  19. Sorry this is long. I'm finding your arguments frustrating. First you claimed that they were too large to hide. When I pointed out that they would be indistinguishable from the thousands of other infrustructure projects, you asked me to point to one. Obviously, I cannot point to a clandestine operation. When I pointed out the fact that they can be very small, you started mentioning centrifuges that ARE known about. These are not what we are talking about.

  20. ELI5 is not for long, hugely detailed explanations that would run over several books. If you want that, go read some books on the subject.

  21. OK. You obviously do not have the answers and were feigning knowledge on the topic. You are not addessing the points I am making. If replies are to be short an concise, why are you wasting words on irrelavant information? This has been a waste of time.

  22. THere might be another one somewhere, I heard it was part of an army orienteering exercise in the 80s.

  23. I don’t think I have a clamp this big. Is there another way I could clamp it?

  24. Just use masking tape. All the woodoworking guys assume everyone has clamps. TBF clamps would be better. Be careful with tape (or anything). You only get one shot. If it sets in the wrong position, you won'T be able break it and reset it.

  25. Kind of doubting…also, long ass cannon barrel if so?

  26. Watch me calculate the amount of pressure needed to push my mouse button.

  27. Given the wagon version of this car was designed in Australia, where the Ute was invented, this is 100% on brand.

  28. Probably because then I’ll have to stare at all my mistakes every time I see it

  29. Lip color is fine on the TV but wrong in Chromecast only? All apps?

  30. Hey, when I play normal TV the lip colour seems pretty good. In fact, when testing other apps that come preloaded on to the TV they also are not too bad. I think it's the apps streaming thru Chromecast being affected.

  31. If it's happens on Netflix AND Prime, there might be someting wrong with your HDMI connection or the CC itself. Wish I could offer more help.

  32. Well as long as you have a baseless fear that goes against the studies then we should all do as you wish.

  33. You're creating a straw man. Earlier I explained a situation in which I almost chnaged lanes and swerved back. That is NOT an illegal lane change. Give me a link to the studies. I will read them and change my mind if they are convincing. The benefits to drivers are minescule. 3 percent of registered vehicles are bikes. A large percentage of them are only used for recreation. Probably around 1.5 to 2 percent of actual traffic is bikes. Filtering allows them to get to the front. Splitting offers no extra benefits. Emissions is irrelevant to this debate. You are clutching at straws. Supposedly a rider? Why do you think I come to

  34. Well, you are trying to convice others to get behind your idea. I'm not the one trying to change the law. It seems to be upon you to convince us.

  35. I officially put down a hefty vote against underglow

  36. Someone strip the man of the word tasteful from his vocabulary. Improper usage.

  37. What a confusing construction. It looks like it was built by someone with a little skill and no plan. I'd want to see the foundations before making a suggestion.

  38. Why am I worrying and spending so much on materials when this thing exists and is standing?

  39. I doubt it's been standing long. Not as long as it looks anyway.

  40. Bullshit. There is no way we sent something with walls that thick into space.

  41. Your the Jack Ass budy I dont make shit up I saw a documentry on it and there was also a very good t.v. drama made recently that proves my point. Maybe you should do some research first before your trash others you Trol.

  42. You'd better watch it again. You're remembering it wrongly.

  43. All those helicopter pilots dropping cement in the reactor core died painfully of radiation sickness shortly there after.

  44. So many people will upvote this and walk away thinking it was true. Because who would feign knowledge to impress strangers? A jackass.


  46. Is that Brisbane. The QLD vibe is intense. My cousin had one of them. He called it the Stigma.

  47. It evolved. There was probably a wall on the left that go removed so that the ramp could allow wheelchair access. Part of the ramp near the street was too steep making it dangerous so they needed to add the banister etc. They should have built up the front and put a plant in there so it didn't look so stupid.

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