1. You can supposedly collect previous season pass items if you didn’t collect them in the current season if you visit the bungie site. I’m not sure exactly where but I saw it in a video, so I’m sure if you just wander the site or search it up on google you’ll find it.

  2. your IG updated (you may or may not know that some accounts get updates and features before others)

  3. Everyone can still post regular posts that are rectangular though?

  4. I wouldn't get my GF floor mats and I certainly wouldn't for a car she doesn't have yet.

  5. She ordered the car in April and it’s coming around august; her birthday is in July. It’s a Tesla and she’s SUPER excited about it, But yes I was thinking the same it’s quite bland, I would be excited for it tho lol.

  6. It always feels bad as a 100 mobility hunter when I see my teammates from the other two classes get ahead of while when I’m running at top speed. Like, if I’m supposed to be the most mobile of the three, why can’t I even keep up with them?

  7. Yeah I know I always felt the same way, feels horrible and they just jump.

  8. I’m primarily a PVE a player tbh, But then that’s good. There should be a reason to run classes. Idk how resilience changed in PvP but I’m sure they survive longer (take more damage), and recovery as well can get back into the fight more. Mobility literally strafe speed and initial jump.

  9. I've had it a bunch recently, and I just ignored it, I swear it was after an update, then there was another update last week.

  10. Ah okay, I started getting them recently as well and I have been ignoring them for the most part. It only happens when editing multi-cam edits longer podcast style edits.

  11. Added a video of me shaking the camera sorry for the wind noise but you can hear the a7siii super staticy in comparison to the a6500. Only happens when moving fast/panning.

  12. Added a video of me shaking the camera sorry for the wind noise but you can hear the a7siii super staticy in comparison to the a6500. Only happens when moving fast/panning.

  13. I originally wanted to get a hitch bike rack but first I would need a hitch. $200 to just get a hitch and +$100 to get it installed at a local U-Haul. Plus whatever the price of the actual bike rack costs which will be like $400-$500. Which for now I think is too much.

  14. It looks rather small. Also where do you plan on riding?

  15. I’m short so it’s good, just parks and maybe bike trails.

  16. A friend of mine her brothers have a house. The older brother owns it and the younger brother lives in it, I’m sure he helps with the bills time to time.

  17. I moved out at 21. Moved in with my now fiancé. Then bought a house. I love my family, but I was able to support myself so I decided to take the leap.

  18. I don’t blame you, glad you made the leap and was able to get a house!

  19. I think a FOV slider/UI scaling would help a ton.

  20. I don’t think FOV slider will be very good, and I’m saying this because since it’s a moba and more competitive if one person has no idea there’s an fov slider. Any person who has FOV Slider maxed will automatically have an advantage. I love FOV sliders but I think for this game everyone should have the same FOV

  21. But anyone with a brain can push the settings button….?

  22. Okay? And what if the person doesn’t know about the setting?

  23. Are they an agency? I tendered a claim to them recently and then I get a notification that I actually tendered it to someone else we insure lmao

  24. Sorry if I sound stupid, first time looking into insurance lol.

  25. Not available in new york? Just get any American company that does videography insurance and buy a policy from them. I use Hiscox, 1.5m coverage, 25k kit insurance, 50 bucks a month. I didn't shop around, you can definitely get cheaper.

  26. What did you search up under profession? I tried Hiscox and saw a video on it but I there isn’t “videographer” “film and video” profession I can choose. Only thing is “photographer”

  27. That's about 50/hr. Decent. Though if your friend is getting paid similar as in house you should be getting paid more as a freelancer.

  28. My friend getting paid like ~$650.00 salary a week after taxes so she makes 130 a day.

  29. That’s really low. That’s what you’d make at McDonald’s where I am.

  30. She makes about 22.50 an hour but taxes here are insane so they take away a lot

  31. I just wrote a video game agency an email saying that I like their stuff and am available for any future work. Then I had a call one week later. We hit it off and since the last one went really well they already booked me for another one next week.

  32. Ayy that’s great man congrats, I gotta do that more as well.

  33. Sure thing! It was nothing super special though. Just the last thing I did. Here is the link:

  34. How do you get gigs like that, valorant is a cool game to be editing for ?

  35. I love this edit, love stuff like this where it keeps your eye moving and engaged. Especially when he gets up and walks towards the camera while clothes are changing.

  36. I did VOG day 1 and purchased the ring and jacket, I got an email the week saying it was shipped and was gonna be delivered soon.

  37. Personally I shower in the morning type of person, some people I know don’t shower in the morning and just shower at night. But I can’t do that, even if I shower at night when I wake up I feel like I need to shower or feel dirty if that makes sense.

  38. If you use a PC to play the music, you’d want the Hue Sync app. If it’s in another room, you could control from your phone using the remote app and then stream it over Bluetooth. Unfortunately, the built in integration only has Spotify support. This is why I have Tidal, Spotify, AND Apple Music…they just all have different integrations for different people.

  39. So aside from using a PC app. There is no other way to do it through the phone. Unless you either have Spotify or maybe a third party app that might not work as well?

  40. The phone is really limited, correct. I gave up on third party apps as I’ve gone through a lot and not really enjoyed them. Didn’t need the extra functionality too. Maybe I missed one!

  41. Okay thanks for the help appreciate it, I have a pc so I’ll check it out for sure.

  42. The bigger obstacle imo is what monitor will you be using? Almost no on-camera monitors, and very few computer monitors/TVs will display a 4k 120 signal.

  43. Atomos Ninja V, recording on ninja V is why I want the hdmi so the signal could be transferred

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