1. The Scott Frost hire at least made sense. He was the hottest coach in the country and he was a Nebraska legend. Anyone who says they thought it was a bad hire at the time is a liar.

  2. Yeah I think a coach who is one year in and at .500 shouldn’t be on here. If your coach is coming off a 5-7 record after five seasons, though…

  3. Is it bad that I thought this was directed at scott frost?

  4. Honest answer? No idea. No drops, no watch.

  5. OP asked how they did in the ProAM, not contenders. Maybe you're the one who needs to learn to read.

  6. Kansas is many things but thankfully Missouri is not one of them

  7. That was a deal with Pepsi that was in place before the season started iirc, Mara did comment about that in the week leading up to the game and in his postseason presser after the season ended

  8. Until Nebraska wins by 40 and then all the fascination is gone.

  9. I would love that timeline but I'm done counting my chickens before they're hatched in regards to this team.

  10. If Rhule does a Saban I will be crushed. I don’t want to be Rhule’s Michigan State.

  11. Wouldn't you guys be his LSU? He left MSU for LSU and then he left LSU for the Dolphins, coming back for the Bama job.

  12. He had that tweet storm about his neighbors being racist. That's the only thing I can think of. Some people who probably don't know about Joco thought he was losing his mind but really he was just finally home enough to notice 🤣🤣🤣

  13. Looked on his Wikipedia and it sounds like he was on the practice squad exclusively. So yeah never played a snap. I didn't even know we signed him though.

  14. Amazing that Chiefs and Packers will play three times in four years and we will never have gotten Mahomes vs Rodgers (assuming Rodgers gets traded).

  15. Assuming Rodgers gets traded to the Jets, this could still be on the table since we play the Jets.

  16. Chronically online NFT peddler Gator continues to make it difficult to cheer for Atlanta despite their amazing roster after accusing an international audience of being racist for pointing out that a player said a slur

  17. This is the last response I'm going to make to this thread because it's pretty clear you're not going to change your mind.

  18. Not sure why NFL teams don’t just sign free agents and immediately flip them for picks, only to sign more and package them with the picks until they own the entire first round. It’s easy really, teams are just lazy.

  19. Lol did the writer make Texas and Nebraska tied for 8th instead of 7th to piss them off? Should have been 7th

  20. All this just to go 7-5 next year… in all seriousness hopefully this can be a good sign that Nebraska is gonna start turning it around. College football is better when the Huskers are good

  21. I thought he was talking about Barry's, but I guess that might be too high profile of a location.

  22. I don’t see many people predicting they don’t win their division in that post, is this just your victim complex showing?

  23. Yeah this one in particular ain't it. A Bengals fan had the best comment on that post, saying something along the lines of "Multiple playoff teams hover around .500 the next year" or something to that effect.

  24. I love how he destroys this guy without resorting to name calling. Nothing aggressive or hostile about this tweet, but puts the fan in his place and maybe teaches him a little bit.

  25. But this ruins my perception of Geno because he wrote back 😭😭😭😭

  26. What did you expect? He's not gonna change his mind because a bunch of guys from reddit of all places think he's overstating about his level of involvement.

  27. The conspiracy theories about why we stole him from the Chiefs ahead of the AFC championship game were fun, but for real I don't know what the point was.

  28. Yeah he was a special teams guy who was getting cut and then was probably re-signed right away to the practice squad so he could be promoted ultimately to work around roster spot limitations.

  29. He's done the sneaks for KC since Mahomes had the sideways knee. Doesn't happen often though.

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