1. Turned off my alerts as well. Last night’s double blast at jet engine level decibels scared the bejesus out of me.

  2. I was driving when the first one came thru, had my phone connected to my car and I nearly ran off the interstate because it scared the absolute shit out of me.

  3. And I just got another an hour or so ago. Sigh. So much for turning off alerts working

  4. NTA. I’m tired of everyone calling everything a “trauma” trigger. Of course she will be sad when she thinks about her mother . We all have sad moments like this related to people we lost. That’s a NORMAL part of life when you lose someone close. If it’s not your hair, it would be something else - a song, the way someone does something else, something in a movie or tv show, she’s not going to stop having sad moments if you cut your hair off.

  5. This is something to break up over in my opinion. She ruined your vacation on purpose . And thinks it is hilarious . Do you feel safe, sir? I wouldn’t

  6. I was honestly wondering if perhaps her husband has a sexual relationship with this guy. Loaning out her IVF money could also be a way to prevent her from getting pregnant. Something is really off here.

  7. Or the friend is a cover story (and in on it) for another woman …

  8. Yeah seems kind of weird to me to spend all your time with your friend, how much time does he spend with OP? How much quality time is left for her? People shouldn’t drop their friends for their spouses, but at minimum divide the time evenly between them. Seems like this guy is trying to get away from his wife as much as possible..

  9. Or maybe the friend is the cover story for what’s really going on

  10. No you’re not crazy, HE IS. Never ever go back to him. And I think you already had some bad vibes from him before this if you went to feeling the need to let someone know where you are.

  11. YTA. Why is THIS what you’re focusing on? This is self-centered, petty, and off the mark. It’s like you were looking for a reason to go after her.

  12. This is common. What they care about 1. You’re available to work THAT job and any additional employment you have does not in any way impede you working, cross over into company time, etc. 2. It’s not for a competitor, customer, or supplier

  13. My client who makes money day trading may exaggerate his gains to his friends, but since I have all the information from his original documents I am confident that he really does make a good living. As for the client who did not share the $750K worth of trades with his wife. They are in the midst of getting divorced. No surprise there.

  14. I fully believe that almost every man (not all) I know thinks he could make a ton of money doing his own trading. (Thankfully none have quit their jobs lol) Which pretty much tracks with every mediocre to really poor-performing man I’ve met in my industry; they all thought they were excellent at what they do.

  15. 45 is fine. . He will be 63 when they reach adulthood. Not your problem .

  16. A wench who "thinks" she's Southern because she lives in Charleston and rehabbed a Southern manor [of sorts]. Obviously thinks very, very highly of herself, but truthfully has $$ off the backs of the husbands in her past. A completely obnoxious waste of space.

  17. Did not nail it. Master’s degree in both art history AND archaeology. Was an assistant professor at George Washington U. Owned a private art dealership. Has been on the board of many philanthropies in NYC area. After her husband died, she purchased and renovated that historic home in Charleston, for which she was given an award and it was placed on the National Register afterward.

  18. NTA. I was prepared to rule differently but when I finally hit the paragraph that said she won’t agree to being the parent-in-charge for the day, that was the deciding factor.

  19. I honestly think too many young brides read too much Reddit and social media telling them “it’s your day and you can do whatever you want”. Yes you can but be prepared for blowback, repercussions, etc when you refuse to do the basic decent things in a wedding. NTA

  20. “It’s your day” means you can ignore your fiancé’s wishes, your fiancé’s family, your family, cut your friends, take back invitations, …. Etc etc . Sooo many Reddit posts. So many…

  21. NTA. Your daughter is rude and self-centered. I see sooo many wedding posts on Reddit where it seems like people are just waiting for a big occasion like this to dish out a snub or punishment to a family member. Unless your wife had done something extremely egregious, this is petty . Especially when you are paying for it. Does she even have a clue how embarrassing it would be to YOU to show up without your wife of 8 years?

  22. NTA. If he wanted it he should ask for it. And the same for “his friends”. I’m not a fan of just grabbing stuff of other people’s plates without doing the courtesy of asking

  23. Then call the police. You gonna stay away from home forever ?

  24. NTA. It seems that you did not actually ignore her but she refused to participate in any way.

  25. Using Google Images, put a photo of what you’re interested into the search box and you can pull up tons of similar options, maybe find a deal.

  26. Wait until it’s time, then see how you feel about the names. And surely there is a name you can compromise on them. Not worth fighting about now..? You may not have a girl

  27. What’s your noise tolerance? If multi-level, the top floor apartments are almost always more quiet since you don’t have anyone walking around on top of your ceiling

  28. I'd be so pissed at Lydia if I was in Moriahs place. Lydia has to know. Especially when she couldn't even wait for Moriah to stop crying before asking if she can keep hanging out with Max.

  29. Lydia needs to get back to that prayer closet and get right with Jesus over this. Ugh

  30. Just something I noticed. When Ethan’s at the bar the guy sitting behind him wearing the bandana mask is with production. You can see his surveillance headset in his ear.

  31. probably everyone in the whole shot is production including the cougars at the bar

  32. My advice, which may be easy in your area or not, depending on what is available to you is

  33. What are ur personal thoughts on location sharing? I dont know the right way to approach that and would like advice for the future

  34. Demanding Location sharing is a sign of mistrust and control for many. Don’t do it to a grown ass adult in my opinion unless they offer it or there’s a good reason.

  35. You just jump, Jack. It is terrifying . Make a list of what’s important to you. For example, salary, location, hours, benefits, type of work, the demographics of the company, the work that they do, etc etc.

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