1. Never thought I'd see a gun uglier than a HiPoint but this one takes the prize..😂😂

  2. As a pc player i cant say i had any issues ,what have people been experiencing.

  3. Yeah, I had 2 crashes and some frame drop on warzone when I was in the middle of a world cracking carpet bombing but otherwise it was great.

  4. Honestly I have to sort of disagree with what I'm feeling now

  5. Seriously, the idea that someone using a pistol in a close range firefight is gonna wait for a perfect sight picture before every trigger pull is absurd. Everytime I pulled out the x12 I knew I was riding on a wing and a prayer. Other guns have ttk's faster than you can physically let off 2 rounds from that thing.

  6. Pirate larp, gotta pretend like 1 eye is always covered with a patch.

  7. The retractable stock and 11in barrel with a either a suppressor or comp, foregrip, and recoil trigger pack is an absolute shredder.

  8. The kill streaks definitely need to be turned off for GW (or at least make them take 2-2.5x longer to unlock) but I really like how it plays, it feels way better than 19 GW, I run around with my G3K setup and melt everyone camping in buildings.

  9. I like how the game plays right now, the only things I really hate are the unlock a perk system and that enemy footsteps are like 2x louder than your own. I don't care that footsteps are kinda loud but when you're sprinting behind a guy who's also sprinting and he whips around because your steps are somehow overpowering his is kind absurd.

  10. I can hear the screech of the harassment mortars soaring through the air towards your location.

  11. Haha yea and rightfully so. This is my uncles carry and I’m trying to get him to use a real holster but he thinks I’m a “know it all” when it comes to guns so I posted this so he can read the replies.

  12. Lol, tell him carrying a cheap .22 in a uncle mikes holster makes me assume he lives in a trailer park with a bunch of broke down cars around his place.

  13. This is me but I know it's because I'm pretty crap at recoil management so far.

  14. I have an insatiable Kevin Brittingham fetish. It is my ultimate fantasy to be gagged, tied up, and brutally assfucked by Kevin Brittingham. have accrued tens of thousands in debt attempting to fill this void with sexual 'toys,' including several custom, unregistered form 1 silencer dildos and a balding Kevin-shaped real doll with a Chinese character tramp stamp that reads "Take My Bepsi Challenge". I have had my face made love to by hundreds of balding, bearded genXers but not one of them could make me climax. Only Kevin is capable of giving me that release now.

  15. I got to shoot a .300blk sbr with subs the other day for the first time and it was pretty underwhelming imo, I wish I would have put ears on for it, it was still loud enough to make me think I shouldn't do it. The suppressed 9mm lage Mac I shot afterwords though, now that was totally hearing safe, just clank clank clank clank till you let go of the trigger.

  16. Base handgun, the CO box has a cut out for the dot to clear.

  17. That has to be some of the worst looking text on a 1911 slide I've seen.

  18. Hey, this is what I've been saying for quite a while, Nice write up!

  19. I remember someone doing a Glock 34 with chopped grip down to a 26 length.

  20. There's a picture floating around of a 17L cut to 26 length too.

  21. It discharged when you decocked it??? That is supposed to be impossible. If that's true, holy shit.

  22. I figured out the problem with the PP, the saftey/ extractor spring is weak and I feathered the decocker so the hammer fell on the decocker when it was only halfway actuated and when the hammer hit the saftey drum at half it's full turn it spun the saftey off, hit the firing pin, and set the gun off. I replicated it later and verified the decocker wasn't worn down when on safe. I'm getting a new spring kit to say the least, lol.

  23. The original German PP/PPK manuals say to lower the hammer with your thumb while using the decocker, and not to let the hammer fall against the safety drum. Not sure if the English manuals recommend the same thing for newer pistols.

  24. Probably they do, I almost always let the hammer down by hand after turning the decocker but I got in a hurry and just swiped it with my thumb. Won't do that again.

  25. So I saw this happen on this sub earlier in the month and someone was convinced that it was because the op was using remanufactured ammo which he was. I guess one of the rounds was hot. Was this with reloads or new ammo if so what brand?

  26. Reloads, I load them identical to factory ammo, you can't tell a difference between my rounds and plinking stuff and my carry ammo, critical defense is snappier. Hot ammo didn't cause it. The extractor is completely intact and fell out after the extractor plunger, I have no idea how the extractor plunger got out from between the slide and extractor unless the plunger broke but I couldn't find it to assess.


  28. What's weird is that I found the extractor and it's in perfect shape. Idk how the extractor plunger got between the slide and the extractor at all, there just doesn't seem to be room for the part to get by but somehow it did.

  29. Unless you're already invested in the full size Glock double stack system there's no real reason to go 26/ 27 anymore. Imo it comes down to do you want +4 rounds per mag with the 365 or cheaper mags with the 43.

  30. Or get a Glock 43x with a shield arms 15 rd mag. Slim and good round count.

  31. For the price of those mags I've seen to many issues with function.

  32. I understand the emotional reaction we're having to this video, but I've seen countless other examples of somebody trying to play the hero and getting lit up before they can draw.

  33. Here though there were multiple opportunities to defend, the robber turns his head multiple times for more than enough time to get a good draw and 2 or 3 rounds off. Granted I'm sure the clerk was unarmed, but if he had carried he had multiple chances to save himself.

  34. Slide length makes guns generally easier to conceal, not harder. My 5" 1911 conceals just as well as my PPK in shorts and a t-shirt because the long barrel pushes the grip into my side and improves concealment.

  35. You're just gonna go and cover up that special combat commander on us???

  36. Lol 😆. Yes, I am!! I am looking for the Government model; hard to find them in the wild

  37. No kidding, I remember seeing these for sale some time ago... I so desperately wish I could have afforded it.

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