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  1. I bet you didn't know Dodo's are the strongest and most feared creature in all of ARK, so strong in fact they must be limited in size and strength. Being a hazard to themselves is a feature placed on them to surpress their immense power.

  2. There wasn't an option for this: but I help it kill the attacking dino as it provides an quality distraction, and if it survives I kill it after

  3. I'd say that sucks, but since it's a ability spam Tsareena I don't feed as bad about it. 😂

  4. Apologies friend, I meant Grail Knights are the worst Speedrun players that I've seen.

  5. The real question: why didn't you do that the first 2 rounds? 🤔

  6. I've joined late act missions with all white everything before... It can still be done but man, it's annoying

  7. That's Mom, Its all of them from their youths.

  8. It's because not long after this dlc releases they're gonna drop the Hoffman speedo skin bundle. If they teased it now they would actually kill people by making them wait so it's going to be a surprise, atleast I hope this is why the Hoff doesn't appear to have a skin here

  9. Some people don't get the value of letting Rotom go in sometimes. If you've got it down low and it will break then let it in. You see that person with 40 points there? They're gonna over dunk.

  10. Butt, you could also end up beating the enemies or repelling them and eliminating rotom all together. As I have done many times.

  11. If you do that 9/10 times they will over-score later. That 17 point over-score from Rotom might turn into 97 point over-score. You may think you aren’t giving the enemy team an inch but in reality you are helping them setup for a comeback.

  12. Having a goal they can only score in once is better than having the backs, as they can quickly and easily push to the main one and score multiple times. Again it's scenario based, but if you can spare your goals as much as possible, it takes longer for the enemy to push mass scores. Plus, if an enemy or two are pushing goals at a Zapdos fight, that a 5v3 or 4v3 with a teammate defending.

  13. Yeah I think it would be more like greninjas double team. Where you'd have a body double that would add a little more OOMPH to ninjasks attacks. As he's not super strong by default.

  14. I've never played hoopa and have only seen 2 or 3 in match so I actually have no idea lol

  15. Ah, if you didn't know it places a buff/aoe on a teammate from which you can basic attack in their radius and fire shadowball from

  16. Does it truly prove Knives>Guns if your slowing down time/moving at light speed? XD

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