1. My friend... you ABSOLUTELY need to show your writing to beta readers first.

  2. All writers have to learn to write subjects they don’t want to deal with. Those who stick with “write what you know” don’t grow much as writers.

  3. I’d assume you’d already heard this from the other comments, but chill with the more exact physicals of what’s occurred, or the setting, I used to do this.

  4. Yes, I think it's what I'm going to take out of this post. There's no need to explain every detail, the point of a description is to give the reader a general idea, I should just focus more on the way if makes my MC feel about the place instead.

  5. Yes, I've also noticed that there's a flow issue going on and I think you successfully identified it. I need to be more concise and eliminate words that don't absolutely have to be present, thank you so much.

  6. Thanks for the help! I'm afraid I won't be able to avoid used cars though, I'm paying for it myself and wont be able to keep up with payments for a new car. Should I avoid used cars in general or just the dealers?

  7. Oooh, okay! I understand now. Thanks so much, I'll be sure to avoid those at all costs.

  8. Something I forgot to mention. Once you'll find the ad for your desired vehicle, copy and paste on google the make, model, engine and model year of the car and simply add the word 'problems' next to it.

  9. The status of secrecy would have been busted/severely threatened

  10. I have a policy a chapter is done when it is done. Having said that, we live in a TikTok world of short digestible pieces of information. So the trend in the last 30 years is to go shorter. It will depend on genre (children’s books are obviously extremely short).

  11. "Respect your reader’s time. There are all sorts of ways they can fill their time. They chose to spend it reading your book. Make sure their time is well spent."

  12. Rule 2 forbids straightforward questions.

  13. He most likely will agree if you ask him. But here's the thing.

  14. Bruh how can you jerk it for 8 hours straight? When a dude orgasms it's supposed to almost entirely kill his sex drive. His dick must be just a bit of bleeding flesh at this point. How's your sex life like? Does it even exists?

  15. Word, Scrivener, whatever you want on your device to write with.

  16. Seven secret ways in and out of Hogwarts is one people tend to forget about.

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