1. All I'm saying is with the money you would spend on either one you could build a pretty badass civic.

  2. I am afraid can't buy it only print it urself

  3. The only thing that would have made me happier as if he had done a flying drop kick across Hong Kong.

  4. Miata is a pretty damn hard car to beat. The only car I would trade mine for is a GT3.

  5. Run on down to Advanced and get a fuzzy steering wheel cover.

  6. Jesus, I'm super nostalgic for the PS2 era as much as anyone who's born before 2005, but you must be blinded by nostalgia harder than a bat with its eyes gouged out and flashbanged 5 times over lmfao

  7. Funny thing is that I never played that game, I just feel like modern games focus too much on clarity and less on making things look like real life. Back when games graphics weren't that advanced they had to focus on using proper lighting and color to make things look more realistic and I feel like new games just focus on how clear something looks when real life is gritty and blurry.

  8. Go on the advanced mode on that machine read the OEM IDs for the sensors and make sure that those OEM IDs match the current ID sensors that are installed in the tires. You can do this by going into the program sensor option and picking the option that says copy from OBD2 grab your phone snap a picture of the IDs and make sure they all match the installed sensors. If any of them don't match let air out of the tire reprogram it to the OEM ID and it should be good. If this doesn't work the module that controls TPMS might be bad.

  9. I park my Miata next to lifted trucks all the time

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