3 Years HRT - I can't even recognize my old self

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  1. Aww that’s so cute ☺️. You should make different helmet models if at all possible!

  2. I’m kind of surprised. I thought it would go 1.) All Equally 2.) Ravens 3.) Browns then 4.) Steelers.

  3. Proving Watson actually did these things is almost, if not, entirely impossible. However, in my opinion, I think he did these things. There is simply no way all these women happen to be lying just to get some money. It’s also suspicious how many masseuses he pursued. In spite of this, in terms of evidence of these interactions, it’s mostly just he said she said.

  4. No, I did not do FFS yet because of insurance. I plan to do it though in the next years. I even know how and with who I will do it.

  5. So when people do that, is there a way to round out the jawline? I don’t have a particularly square jaw but I was wondering if that can even be adjusted.

  6. Im just surprised she didn’t have to attack vaush for the community to realize she’s garbage

  7. Idk much about Keffals, but she seems like she does good advocacy for the trans community. The drama stuff I don’t follow though.

  8. When you're streaming QB you have to play the waiver wire.

  9. Next we will see Browns waiving their kickers. I’m sure Tucker will be on the wire next 😅

  10. I also took Vaushs advice on mixing Cheerios with melted peanut butter and honey. It was good! It tasted like a Nutter Butter 😂

  11. Njoku has really good potential with Watson at QB. He has incredible footwork, balance, and reach. The potential to be a top 5 TE this year is for real (depending on injuries and number of games Watson is out).

  12. Why do people need to make a production out of everything? I want just want to get my food then leave. This is just so weird.

  13. Didn’t Matt Walsh’s book recently get banned from Amazon or something? What ever happened to that lol

  14. She actually played that off well. If something embarrassing like that happens, pretending it didn’t happen only makes it more awkward.

  15. You look great! Are those buckles dangling at the bottom supposed to clip to something?

  16. How did you know? I have been feeling dysphoric recently, but what’s weird is that it’s not with everything about me. For example, I’m not bottom dysphoric, but the way I dress, my face, and my Adam’s apple are all some things I am starting to feel somewhat uncomfortable with. Because of this, it’s hard to determine if these feelings should lead me to transitioning.

  17. This is what socialists should be doing: synthesizing literature to make it understandable for your average person. It’s frustrating having to play defense all the time saying stuff like “no, socialism is not when the government owns everything”; “no, command economies aren’t intrinsic to socialism”, and other talking points.

  18. The part where he says people are becoming gay, trans, lesbian, or what have, because it’s TRENDY, made me want to jump off a cliff. And of course he has to follow it up with an Ok Boomer joke.

  19. Hey, just want to let you know I went and reported all the targeted harassment comments. This has to be some brigading attempt on this post, no doubt. Stay safe.

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