1. Sounds like when you keep clicking on an NPC to see if they ever get mad and say an additional voice line.

  2. People have told me the same with my setup (Scarlett Solo + AT2020; Schiit Magni + Sennheiser HD6xx). All the way from direct monitoring my voice through recording myself in audactiy it sounds perfectly clear which leads me to believe it's strictly a discord issue. Idk if they had an update recently or what, but it's their issue not mine to try and dissect.

  3. That sounds about right. To me, mono vs stereo mic monitor is a non-issue as I'm trying to monitor the audio volume rather than direction.

  4. Unfortunately, I cannot comment on the focusrite monitoring until I receive the adapter cable in the mail as I haven't been able to use it. But, I have grown dependent on the monitoring through the arctis pro's microphone (called sidetone in the steelseries software). It's been a 0-delay experience so far which prompted me to try and configure my new mic setup to try and replicate it.

  5. Thanks for this, I'm in the exact same boat. The Astro A50s have sidetone and I've become dependent on it too. The AT2020/Focusrite seem like the best combo to maintain the mic monitoring with better audio quality. Once you get it all set up I'm really interested to hear your thoughts on it, drop me a message if you remember perhaps!

  6. After a little more research, I found this in the Scarlett Solo manual:

  7. Cool story! Can you tell it again? Do you have time?

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