1. It is a basic hack and slash with a bit of defend point A or defend this while wave after wave attack. It more fun if you got a few friends to play with. Just be warned Ryan Haywood does a voice in the game for I think a level.

  2. The main gripe I've heard is that the ship isn't fully acknowledged for what it is, only sort of half acknowledged and relying on subtext. They don't openly call each other their partners etc. It's kind of queerbaity

  3. That just sounds like they take shifts in being a relationship.

  4. A friend has tried to get me into it and that's the vibe I'm getting from it. All I've done is chase dailies and due to this not gotten anywhere because I keep getting told I have to keep wishing. At this point I'm losing interest.

  5. The same crowd yells when a trans woman wins an e gaming competition. It’s not about advantage it’s about discrimination.

  6. I've heard people say that and it makes no sense,firstly it's not a physical sport so body build and strength makes no difference and secondly, even if trans women somehow had a advantage (despite HRT reducing muscle mass and such) most esport players are cis men and therefore any "advantage" wouldn't matter

  7. Every time a German is born God rolls a dice to decide whether he'll be a civil, mechanical, aerospace, electrical or software engineer.

  8. I still don't know why rwby was in that game, it's really cool but still weird as it's a fighting game crossover, and the other games are all fighters

  9. The only one I know about besides RMD is Mizuki due to them being trans/having a currently unknown gender identity, what other ones are there?

  10. They have even started a countdown timer for tommorows announcement.

  11. Why did you just redraw a Paxiti meme but keep it word for word?

  12. By your logic we should also ban all Disney films, they contain kissing

  13. My Dad showed a video of a guy asking and saying things against autism like it’ll only end up harming autistic people and that people of the opposite genders physique should not go into the opposite genders bathroom.

  14. Think of it this way, if you had depression and were given antidepressants that make you 95% happier you would still take them right? That's like transioning, you still do it even if the intrusive thoughts stay

  15. A subreddit to "help" girls with dating, but its extremely transphobic,offensive and just straight up terrible advice

  16. I mean, we know Danganronpa is getting more games, but we literally don’t know what their about, so maybe Kodaka is just preparing himself for the inevitable

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