1. Pretty sure you can just make a middleware in class form and do constructor injection. But the lambda form (which I think resolves into a class behind the scenes) is easier to read for most cases.

  2. I was making a joke as well. Well, Reddit is being Reddit I guess.

  3. The problem with solutions like that is they tend to produce input lag especially if the game itself is stressful on your PC, and the lag might be uneven or may spike at points. Plus gamepad sticks don't tend to map cleanly because a) you can map one to mouse MAYBE but not the other one and b) mapping to keyboard means you lose the analog fidelity.

  4. OK it is resolved, under manage there are controller settings.

  5. So I swore it was there but I went to check and I couldn't find it.

  6. You can tab out of the game and I think the actual friends window lets you do it. You can try that.

  7. Thank you so much!! Time to check if I ordered it within a year ago or not

  8. Ask anyway. Worst case they say no and you've lost nothing but a little time. Maybe you have to pay for repairs, depending on the cost you may decide it's worth it.

  9. Exactly. This was about measurement, not ad targeting or optimization. Still wrong without consent, but nobody saw ads based on their Home Depot purchases here. Meta and Home Depot simply got more accurate ROI reporting for their marketing campaign.

  10. Programmer here. The thing is there are ways to do this without compromising customer personal information.

  11. The Christian Church is often described as God's bride.

  12. Installed games show up on all accounts.

  13. Also worth noting if you can run Steam and log in to your own account, you can just open the Steam folder in Explorer and find all the installed games there so there's no point in trying to hide them anyway.

  14. Smart quotes alone will keep you occupied for days fixing syntax errors!

  15. You know I was annoyed when IE7 offered its Dev Tools as a separate install rather than being built-in like IE8 and all other browsers but from this person's confusion that might not be a bad idea actually.

  16. We need a public website that takes a few parameters such as your age, and generates a realistic fake schedule for you to use.

  17. My issue with GAAS is that they want to maximize extracting money out of you while minimizing the service aspect. Every developer wants Fortnite money but none of them are providing a Fortnite-level service.

  18. I was confused when some people seemed to think Halo: Infinite was going to get campaign DLC because 343 pledged to keep supporting the live service with content for a decade. The campaign is not part of the live service and certainly not in any way connected to the in-game store which is where anyone who wants a GAAS is going to want to focus their efforts.

  19. Unless you have explicitly configured MVC to use Newtonsoft, it will be trying to deserialize to a Newtonsoft JObject using System.Text.Json, which STJ probably didn't know how to do.

  20. Or just make it a string and explicitly deserialize it. It sounds like OP wants to log the string anyway, so he probably should just start there for simplicity.

  21. Cast will cast every value, where OfType filters the collection. If Cast even compiles, it won’t give the desired outcome.

  22. And ! assumes every value is not null. So it's the same thing.

  23. No. Security of files is managed by the OS so you would need to use OS controls to do so.

  24. It's worth noting you should probably skip the Content Type if you can. The user's browser provides it and it may not know what type it is, as stated. I would just assume it's the correct type and try to read it on. If I run into problems, I know it's not the right type and can return an error to the user.

  25. No. WinForms is a thin wrapper around the Windows API so .NET will never support that for non-windows. They tried to do something similar for System.Drawing.Common but deprecated it for non-Windows; it was too buggy and I guess they couldn't get it to work right and there are other cross-platform solutions out there already.

  26. You can click your account balance in the page header (at least on website Steam) and it takes you to this page:

  27. If you purchased them on Steam you should launch through Steam at least once, that might be required to activate the DLC.

  28. Steam is currently down for maintenance you should wait for it to come back up and try again later. It might impact the DLC.

  29. You can try using the volume control in the Windows system tray.

  30. Not sure I would be so quick to attribute this to the stupidity of a child. We have

  31. I would immediately tell him I need to ask him some questions to understand his reasoning:

  32. In the security industry sometimes this sort of thing is handled by exploiting the RCE (mostly) harmlessly to warn them or fix the exploit outright.

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