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  1. Say the n-word. One of my uncles was a recent immigrant and someone jokingly told him to greet black people with the n word. He did so innocently and got his ass kicked.

  2. Oof, the college I went to had a lot of Nepali students who loved listening to American rap back home. Because of that, when they came to the US, they just assumed the N-word was the word for black person. A lot of black people thought it was hilarious and laughed, but boy, was it a shock the first time I heard one of the Nepali students just say it casually.

  3. Fascism is an obsession with aesthetics where appearances are more meaningful than substance.

  4. I read the Albert Speer's secret prison diary from when he was in Spandau and he mentions that a lot. It makes sense because he was an architect, but he notes Hitler's obsession with aesthetics. Through a few passages he comes to realize that Hitler was really pushing for a sense of nostalgia in his requested designs and structures, going as far as to say there was going to be an opera house in EVERY German and Austrian town, regardless of the popularity of opera at the time.

  5. And then the "in English" explanation is so fantastically simple that it reveals the weakness of the plot point.

  6. Wasn't it unconfirmed what happened to NK other than everyone vanishing? From what I recall, the population succumbing to an outbreak in the tunnels was just a theory, as NK had activated all their automated defenses so nobody could get in, and nobody thought it was worth the risk of opening the tunnels and potentially releasing several million zombies just to find out what happened to them all.

  7. Shit, I guess I'm remembering the book wrong because I thought they became an isolated, major manufacturing power that held off the outbreak because or their hermit-ness.

  8. That one's for Ash. He'll need all the calories he can fighting that Army of Darkness.

  9. We owned ourself with the f15, thinking the foxbat was a real threat. We’ve been doing this to ourselves for years. The sea wolf was so unnecessary good we stopped making them after 3….realizing our “cheap” sub Virginias where already decades ahead.

  10. I read this comment in the voice of that dolphin general guy from Inside Job.

  11. I have this tendency to think that if there is a Zero Punctuation episode on a game then it can't be that old. And now I'm realizing that he started doing those with late PS2 games...

  12. Y'know in civ5 where you'll be busy in an invasion, but your civ's happiness suddenly drops, leading to rebellions and barbarians start turning your tiles into torched earth? That's what this is reminding me of.

  13. Diving into that history will be much more interesting than finishing that movie....

  14. I found the setup to be worse than the other two iterations. The ship is run only by 4 flappers and a captain who all decide to abandon them each night AFTER a murder has taken place? At least they tried with the flag.

  15. Where would the crew even go? Just camp on the riverbank?

  16. Right? Like there's never going to be an instant where the crew might need to be ready to take of the ship, such as the middle of a sandstorm for instance?

  17. That man in the center I believe is James Ricalton, one of the greatest stereoscopic photographers who ever lived. He went around the world taking amazing 3D pictures, from Africa to the Boxer Rebellion in China.

  18. ok,.. with this information, we may be able to find his height and extrapolate the height of these two down to a few inches. but is reddit bored/interested enough?

  19. There are a few stereoscopic subreddits, and even a few published magazines if you're into that.

  20. Forgive me if I’m wrong but isn’t gender and sex two separate things?

  21. Came here to say this. People who have taken psychology, biology, or anthropology courses have learned the differences, but the general population has not.

  22. Are we still using the word transexual? I haven't heard it in a While lol. For most trans people I deal with, the two words go so hand in hand there's no need, and people who don't have our best interests at heart have used it as a weapon. Idk, I'm not saying you're wrong, I was just surprised.

  23. The general population doesn't use it, but it's an actual academic term. You're usually only going to see it applied to studies where it would come in handy to distinguish between trans participants who have had transitional surgery and those who haven't.

  24. I did my student teaching at a private christian school in South Africa for a bit and they were under the impression in the US children were not allowed to pray in school.

  25. I got through the first 40 pages before I had to bring it back to the library. It felt like reading the Time Cube webpage. It's a book written by a heroin addicted author who has absolutely no memory about writing it. I had to stop every few minutes because I felt ill.

  26. "...and goodnight to Mrs. Ochmonek, wherever you may be." - Gordon Shumway

  27. We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution of the United States of America.

  28. I quoted this in front of my students in South Africa, they seemed mildly impressed I could remember something like that.

  29. Ukraine can’t get to them to take them prisoner. If Russia can’t get there in time (and of note, there is a major storm there right now), they’ll drown. The scale of loss is going to be incredible - both in loss of life and loss of prestige. You can’t hide the fact that your flagship Cruiser just got yeeted by the enemy.

  30. I could see Russia blaming the sinking on the storm to try to takeaway a victory from Ukraine.

  31. sounds like you had good intentions, and the teacher fucked up.. How the fuck did someone like that become a teacher though? You'd think a teacher would be trained to know how to handle children, how to talk to them and to help them..

  32. Substitutes, at least in some US states, don't necessarily need to have education degrees, just college degrees (or highschool in some states).

  33. what the fuck, that sounds awful though, not to be rude here but why do you guys let this happen? A teacher, substitute or not, should have a proper training and education. Here in germany, a teacher totally lacking social skills would never be allowed to teach in the first place.

  34. Standards are lower for substitutes because the pay is generally lower, the work isn't what we would call satisfying, and depending on the school district you probably won't receive benefits. That has lead to a work shortage of subs in recent years so districts are trying to offer better pay, but I've also heard some considering lowering their standards. There are many approaches.

  35. "Yeah, so you point the barrel at whatever and then pull the trigger."

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