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  1. If he were under 18 we’d call him a little shit.

  2. It’s so funny that she had hers lasered off, but then fakes them anyways 🤣

  3. Dieting subs: Use this calculator to figure out how much to eat, it's just that simple!

  4. For what it’s worth, I bet most Olympic athletes, even the short women on their rest days, eat at least 2500-2700 a day. They have a lot of muscle to maintain after all. Michael Phelps said that before the Beijing Olympics he was told to aim for 8000-10000 a day.

  5. Cries in 5’10 woman whose TDEE is way over 2000 😢

  6. 5’6 here, and I maintain on at least 2200-2300. Definitely not an athlete either, just a student who walks a lot and tries to hit the gym here and there (mostly for the mental health benefits).

  7. This is so sad. Chubby babies are the cutest! Besides, they need those fat stores because they’re growing up so fast in those first few years. I really hope she doesn’t slow down her baby’s development by putting her on a diet :(

  8. What I don't understand is how they simultaneously maintain that being thin is SO near-impossible that people must put themselves on baby food diets and count calories for life in order to achieve it, while also being as simple as not having fries on the side and drinking less soda.

  9. This sounds like cancer rather than just being dead

  10. Ooh. I was thinking autoimmune disorder but that would be more like an internal civil war I guess. Cancer makes more sense!

  11. Her TDEE at lightly active is theoretically just under 1800, ie - very slightly above what she’s currently eating. If you factor in water weight and potentially metabolism damage, it’d make sense for her to gain a small amount of wait and then level off and maintain after a few weeks. It’s also possible that she’s calorie counting slightly wrong.

  12. Totally. I’m her exact same activity level (could have written that part myself!), and I was so confused because I maintain at 2200-2300 calories a day. Granted, I am 2 inches taller and 10 pounds heavier, but theres no way that’s big enough of a difference to explain a whole 700 extra calories a day!

  13. Je sais pas si c’est la même chose mais j’avais vu une page où ils essayaient de vendre des colliers pour chiens avec des cristaux genre à l’état brut dessus. Ça avait l’air super inconfortable haha

  14. Un adulte qui compte les jours en dodos. C'est non.

  15. Did it go into the yellow with the update for you?

  16. Mine is way more yellow. I'm planning on getting a referral to finally get this resolved when I find a new primary.

  17. Good luck with that, hopefully it’s nothing but it’s a good idea to get it checked out regardless!

  18. Google "genital warts" and send them back any of those images that come up.

  19. What if they shave their heads, wear matching shiny suits and never speak a word?

  20. Hmm I’m not sure. Could they also wear pointy leather boots with a silver skull on the tip?

  21. If I were a twin, I would never want to kill my twin. Thats free organ harvesting should I need any new ones down the line. Plus, they’re good to take the fall in crimes if need be.

  22. That’s true, but how do you know your twin won’t make you take the fall for his crimes first? You don’t want to end up like this idiot:

  23. Isn't 1200 more of a minimum? Like fine that is what some people need but I calculated my maintenance if I was at the lowest weight I can go on bmi(it's a really good measure of underweight) at 120 lbs at 5'9" the nih still thinks I'd need 1800 cal to maintain.

  24. Yeah. I’m 5’6, and iirc, even if I was bed-bound, I’d still need something like 1400.

  25. The Kendall sweater is cute but you can find a dupe anywhere for 30$

  26. Knowing she has this insane underground wardrobe sort makes these items feel like super rejects lol

  27. Do you think their children notice how much their faces change?

  28. Your mom sounds like a fun lady! Puffy shirt + huge smile, I bet this picture is one of her favourites haha

  29. Holy shit, not even any cinnamon, honey, or peanut butter. Just an apple sliced into baby portions. What the fuck. Ps, this is how I ate my apples when I had anorexia

  30. You couldn’t even feed the pieces of the left to a baby, they’re too small, they’d be a choking hazard lol

  31. I thought this was cheese and I thought it looked good but when I realized they did this to an apple...

  32. Right? Only other times I’ve seen fruit cut so tiny, it was to feed birds!

  33. wait this sounds like anorexia :))) bizarre that sitting hurts you yet you still think you're a healthy weight? lol

  34. I’ve been everything from bmi 19 to bmi 23, and I’ve never experienced that, and I’ve always slept on my side without issues as well. I have the feeling this might be a highly individual thing, since some other commenters said they experienced joint pain from those activities at a healthy weight 🤷‍♀️

  35. Am I the only one that thinks 1200 even on strictly unprocessed whole foods is still not enough?? When I did 1200 I always just ate whole foods and I was starving

  36. I totally agree. Way back when I tried it, the only way I could make it “work” was skipping breakfast. Which was terrible because I have anxiety and not eating in the morning makes it worse, maybe something to do with blood sugar. But yeah other than literally skipping a meal (which means you’re left with two 600 calories meals), I genuinely don’t see how a full grown adult is supposed to it. Three 400 calorie meals is just ridiculous, even toddlers eat more than that!

  37. Well, Keto is a mostly-fat diet, and some followers typically concoct some strange MCT-oil based recipes. It’s especially low-carb, but it’s not actually SO high in protein, and especially not too forgiving of low-fat protein choices. Plus, I’m willing to suspect that this person needed more protein (and thus more iron) based on their exercise regimen.

  38. A diet of “mostly fat” didn’t sound possible to me, so I looked it up… Their recommended macros are 5% carbs, 25% protein, 70% fat. Sorry I doubted you, but also what the fuck, that’s insane! How do they even get it down?

  39. Have you ever heard of butter coffee? Me neither until I looked into keto. It's a wild world out there.

  40. Oh yeah, I remember years ago when the original Bulletproof coffee guy got popular. Back then, I thought it was just a dumb internet fad that would quickly fade out, because no one was actually going to make a habit out of drinking oily coffee, right? Right? Oh how wrong I was.

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