1. Yes..........Les Miserables, Brigadoon, and Man of La Mancha, my 3 favs.

  2. I've seen many of the artists I have wanted to see......some many times over.

  3. don't know anyone who DOESN'T!!!!!! They are pretty well universally liked!

  4. It looks similar to any number of "peacock" things they released when they made the giant peacock collector piece.

  5. I mush up chocolate ice cream, and then use it for a dipping sauce, for pretzel rods.

  6. No, I think, what sort of moron marries a total stranger and expects to end well?

  7. No. I don't have a copy of that movie, but if I did, Yeah, I would have watched it again on Ground Hog day.

  8. I wouldn't have a fucking clue who all these young upstarts are these I really don't give a crap which one of them wins, for a record I probably haven't heard.

  9. I have an antique coin bank that I really like and I stick 2 euro coins in it, all the time when I get some in change . When can hold 250-300 Euro........ and then I use to buy a piece of Crystal for my collection.

  10. Greed, plain and simple.......... using covid as the excuse to blame it on staff shortages, therefore production delays, and distribution problems.

  11. From all the indicators of what they have rediscovered so far, it looks as though they are indeed on track for bringing up an epic and historic treasure of immense magnitude.

  12. Don't take my word for it... watch the program on Tuesday nights... Also, watch the previous several seasons and you'll get an idea of what I am talking about... Much of what they have uncovered in the various areas of the island have significance and absolutely support there bing a very large-scale operation that no one would of known about had they not began looking for the treasure when they did. It's all the supporting evidence that actually point the finger at there actually being untold treasure, and who knows whatever historical artifacts buried there.

  13. I'm aware of the theories and purported treasure supposedly buried there, and I've seen at least 5 or 6 seasons of the show.......but all they ever find, is just old junk, or small pieces, that very easily could have been planted there, for treasure hunters, (or for the tv program)

  14. You are right! I have learned this fact about life

  15. Thank you so much for telling me this! I have heard of this documentary before and i will definitely watch it tonight! I just love your response

  16. Yeah, she is freaking AWESOME. Does cosplay as Pirates too....... all kinds of Scottish outfits and costumes....and she freaking ROCKS on the bagpipes. !

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