Hello,I’m a cosplayer who builds armor and weapon props. I saw that Pewds needed someone to build armor for the music video. I designed this watermelon armor set and started building the helm.(I’m currently designing a black and red wave armor set)

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  1. I own it and pass for game pass and it doesn’t work on mine or my wife’s. Don’t know why

  2. Eva foam! I buy mine from Harbor freight tools. It’s sold as anti-fatigue floor mats, but it’s the same as Eva foam sold by cosplay supply websites. :) the lining is craft foam from Micheals. I used foam clay and kwiki seal to fill in the seams. :)

  3. I use contact cement to glue the foam together but the kwiki to make the seems smooth

  4. Makes sense. I’ll have to try kwiki I’ve tried a lot of different fillers

  5. This happened to me last night. Unfortunately, I still have an empty shop today, anyone find a work around?

  6. 30 of the most expensive chests in the game to get 4 tier 4 out of 7 tiers items. Sigh. This is why I had to leave. The grind is just too hard without paying. You’d have to open probably 90-100. Heats to get 1 perfect epic. If rng is on your side.

  7. Perfect legendary... lmao I am f2p player and have opened 100s of chests. Rarities go (with number of commons required to acheive rarity through fusing); Common 1 Great 3 Rare 9 Epic 27 Perfect Epic 81 Legendary 243 Ancient Legendary 486

  8. My bad. I play a lot of Archero knockoffs and mixed the epic with legendary

  9. I get you! The only thing I’m curious about is the people who say “I loved the video,” yet, they don’t sub. I’ve always been curious about it

  10. Interaction, people looking for free lambda. Or if you mean in the video comments, I’ve learned if you don’t remind your viewers to sub during the video, you’re basically not going to get a sub.

  11. Yeah, but those are legit obvious. I’m talking more about the people who have given an entire essay in why they loved the video and how they couldn’t find anything wrong with it. I’m like that’s awesome and everything, but what does it take for them to sub lol.

  12. Oh for sure, some people don’t like to sub. Some people will follow a channel for months before they click the button. Because you show up on their suggestions after they’ve watched. So you gotta tell them to sub. And remind them after. Make sure you add an overlay with a subscribe button

  13. I have 4.6k damage and most runs I can't make it past 3/10, but the furthest I made it was 10/10, and I get killed just seconds into it usually. Still haven't beaten it. Its unreasonable difficulty should be the subject of ridicule.

  14. I switched to the stalker staff and it made a huge difference for 14. 3800 damage 12703 health

  15. I think it looks pretty good honestly, it’s clearly not some super high production quality but for a self made video I’m impressed. Good work

  16. Thought it looked good, my only complaint as a massive massive horror movie fanatic, I literally have an entire sleeve, is that the clowns name is pennywise. Doesn’t change the quality of the video tho, I liked it and the sub instead of ss Georgie was a good touch

  17. Yes, in the clown form it is Pennywise. But IT is a shapeshifting unknown alien form. I’m a big Stephen king and horror movie too! I just put it for the title but maybe Pennywise is more fitting!? Thanks for the feedback !givelambda

  18. No, leave IT. Fits better flows smoother and non nerds will understand it more clearly

  19. That’s a pay hero, ability is strong enough you’ll want to pay

  20. I need too average 3.0 views a stream to become affiliate help me I got you 🤗

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