1. Think of it as an animal on your shoulder. To get it to stop biting you, give it food. A small snack should do the trick.

  2. Speaking Spanish. As much as I try, I can't get it. It's discouraging when people make fun of me.

  3. Replace the habits you used to do when you were together with something fun. I did this when my sister got toxic, instead of sending her funny TikToks I would workout instead.

  4. Cats. But I would rather be an eagle. That way I'll be on top of the food chain, fly, and not worry about humans since it's illegal to shoot them.

  5. At a young age I would hang out with kids who were special needs. As I got older, I turned it into my career and now I'm a SPED teacher.

  6. When I started throwing up every morning. I thought I was pregnant but it turned out it was my anxiety. Going to work was hell back then, so toxic that I would occasionally throw up at work too.

  7. Mess around by saying, "you can see me?!". Watch their reaction and say, "ah crap, it isn't working again." Then leave.

  8. To get me motivated to work on lesson plans. It's a 50-50. Depends on how much energy I have left.

  9. Grab her hand, tell her we are going to our nearest Barnes and Nobel with a Starbucks next to it, drive her in my car, and hear all about with a nice cup of over-priced coffee.

  10. To be honest, I probably wouldn't notice in thr first place. I'm usually thinking about what I'm having for dinner. If I do, usually I'll assume someone farted.

  11. Var gaming. I can mentally get out of my house without spending money. Plus I can be a wizard without magic.

  12. When I the pool got installed. All my life. I was told to get a career so I can have a pool. Once I got that baby installed, I knew I was on Cloud 9.

  13. I don't cry. In my old toxic work environment, I went from crying daily to feeling numbness. I am recovering and it's going to take time to feel things the way I used to again.

  14. My happily ever after. My life is a Disney movie where the underdog gets a Prince Charming, her career, her castle, and pool.

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