1. hmm... i think shenhe is probably ok instead of c5 rosaria, you may have energy issues though... rosaria would probably be more comfy than shenhe + if you get c6 she will just be better straight up. also smaller detail but (granted idk how mika works and whether his Q is important for damage) but if you only need to use mikas E then yunjin Q/rosaria Q/mika E are all 15s and fischl also likes 15s rotations so that's another major reason rosaria is nice, while shenhe has a 20s Q cd so slows the whole team down

  2. Mika's Q is nice but not entirely necessary as, outside of his A4 Passive, it only heals. Given his A4 Passive makes him good against single targets

  3. Kaiserreich happened because Sun Tzu added the line "Don't sink American submarines" to the Art of War

  4. Xiao, Bennett, Albedo. Sadge you don't have sucrose nor Fischl to battery your Xiao idk if Sayu is good to use as anemo battery or even MC

  5. Anemo Traveler is okay. They even have a little bit of res shred

  6. challenge: find a single person in KR India that has an accurate characterization

  7. They even did Gandhi dirty. Man never nukes the world into oblivion

  8. Spoiler alert the abyss is decimated and the game ends in the 3.5 archon quest

  9. All endings are just sleeping in different locations.

  10. KRTL Soong is still likely to commit a degree of crimes against humanity either through censorship of non socialist ideals, or oppression and arrest of dissidents and behead Hanjians.

  11. Remove the "in China" part and the second to last sentence still works

  12. If I use her skill she gets to 117%, is that better or should I aim for more?

  13. Change your UI scaling in settings to a smaller number

  14. Do the cooldowns for the Favonious Series of Weapons work independently or collectively? If there are two characters with Favonious Weapons, can they both fire the Passive within 12 seconds of eachother, or can only one of them fire per 12 seconds?

  15. You can have four Favonius weapons on a team and not one of them will have any affect on the others in every aspect. Thus, their cooldowns are independent of one another.

  16. Does this still apply if all four have the exact same weapon?

  17. Raiden without her signature weapon is better off with ATK than Electro Dmg as she already gets Electro Dmg

  18. When saying "a few", when are we talking about. Because I've been around for 4-5 years, and I don't remember Germany Yemen or Crimea or the Polish Border strip?

  19. I think it more closely aligns with the Darkest Hour borders than hoi4

  20. You should go for either a 4 piece bonus or another 2 piece bonus

  21. Fascist Italy didn't form via a civil war, nor was it ever at odds with other Italian States, nor was it a Radically Leftist Nation that sought to eliminate reactionist elements. I think it would make sense that the Socialists, amid the Civil war, would push to invade what was effectively a relic of the Roman Empire for their own political gain

  22. Is that Scheidemann (how do you spell his name again?) or the Baltic Brotherhood?

  23. That's the Baltic Brotherhood. If you get them in power and the Germans surrender you can form Germany

  24. I think we should all encourage Trump to run third party

  25. This has been pointed out before but the SPA winning actual states is unlikely. Otl they had a lot of local power but could never muster enough to win states federally, and I don't imagine that would happen in Kaiserreich either. However, that would set up an interesting power dynamic where the Socialists don't have states secede but, rather, revolt against the states themselves

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