1. Motherfucker wasn’t ready for that gayness to manifest inside his soul. It slowly consumed him over the 4 year stint but only the real gays stay for longer. We always have that private crayon container even when we are naked.

  2. Honestly, when your enemy is looking directly at you with a flashlight it should blind you given the distance between you etc etc. but for CQB if I, say, I dunno aim at your face from 4 feet away and I have a portable sun attached to the end of my gun then you should be Stevie wonder for for a few seconds.

  3. a gun without barrel wouldn't shoot very far since there's very little time for a bullet to build velocity with the escaping gas.

  4. Just wondering cause I found two at my local Walmart but I’ve never seen a huntsman like this before, with with a coiled cable and foam dampening plus pre lubed switches? It’s not the mercury one cause it’s on black board with white caps.

  5. For anyone who wants to give it a shot, use acetone. I painted my msi laptops logo with a black permanent marker cuz it was gold, like a dummy i wanted to remove it so I used acetone, it literally removed the entire logo off the lid lol

  6. Only think with this is the texture is a coating, the plastic is underneath the coating so you may just remove the coating altogether along with the logo.

  7. The logo is black and also you could have used pink sharpe to draw over the logo

  8. Looks too plain now though but i get what you mean tryna keep it simplistic

  9. I bought it yesterday after using my black aerox 3 (love the shape but build quality was lacking since it was the first edition) and I’m loving this for my aggressive fingertip style

  10. Someone’s gonna suck my big toe for this shit and I’m trying to figure out which dev it’s gonna be cause this crap is fuckin rancid. How in the tits are you gonna lock up the r-301. I better get muh fuckin flatline and spitty back you cum sock.

  11. Didn’t tap on it so all I read was “than want to drink or fuck woman” and I wasn’t sure what I was reading…

  12. Holy shit you fuckers sent him to Brazil in half a second meanwhile he is just laughing his ass off with his heart beating outs his chest and you guys just shit yourselves 😂

  13. He needs both of them to make sure that whoever gets marked for death dies the first time, the second rev is to make sure the grave is deep enough that the earths core would melt the body.

  14. Imagine having friends, not to mention one with an air compressor.

  15. I’m the friend that has the air compressor, model grade and air tool grade.

  16. I didn’t even read the title, I’m just in awe of how the hell you took a picture of your screen and it didn’t come out lookin like 10 pixels molesting your eyes

  17. For anyone in the future, do not release any information that they didn’t ask you specifically for, do not give any info like “I was late to work as that is proof that you knew you were speeding and makes it impossible to fight the ticket as that rules out radar, visual judgment, etc and further validates the officers information.

  18. Same thing happened to me yesterday accept he stopped the wrong person (which was me)

  19. Does your pc have overheating issues with the cpu fan being completely blocked from the fins? Not hating just wondering.

  20. Cause a chicken made love to a goat and I’m a hippo trying to survive nuclear fallout.

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