1. I only learned how Ouroboros worked when I made it to the end of Act 3

  2. literally same, i thought it must be the worst card in the game because i skipped leshy's intro

  3. How about three fly fish together and two stingers on the opposite end of the map.

  4. i had just looted the castle so i had a royal guard sword with a fused molduga jawbone so i was fine the first time i encountered one

  5. a lot of salmonids are already based on special weapons, but i'd be interested in a boss rush mode where there's an increased number of bosses but no lesser salmonids.

  6. I’m also on switch, and even if I weren’t I don’t think it would be any different, what are you getting out of sermons if you have every combat upgrade?

  7. hmm. i had every single combat upgrade before the update, and now i have them all after, but it's not giving me any blue hearts. i might not have done a sermon since i got all the combat upgrades for relics, but i'm like 90% sure i have.

  8. They were a feature before the update as well, maybe you should report it as a bug?? I’m not rly sure what else it could be

  9. it definitely didn't work before the update, but it turns out i hadn't done a sermon with a full combat tree post update.

  10. No, sacrificed him to get another life in a dungeon. He just disappeared after that. :(

  11. same here! i've had no problem with preset followers, and have been able to sac them to revive and then revive them, but as soon as i did that on a custom follower who was high level he disappeared.

  12. i sacrificed one of my custom followers to revive on a crusade and now he just doesn't exist in the ritual of resurrection menu.

  13. was the new player new to your group or new to ttrpgs in general?

  14. i hope that these aren't all of them because i want a new tri-stringer kit so bad

  15. arowana mall wasn't the best but still my favorite stage because of the intense flanks and absolutely chaotic center.

  16. kinda reminds me of 3999 as well, with those "fuck you in particular" vibes

  17. so this sub is specifically for memes ruined by captions, not just any image ruined by a caption

  18. Did you cut all of the grass? I’ve tried this like 4 times and it’s not working for me 😭

  19. i did. i'm on nintendo switch, so maybe if you have a different version it won't work

  20. I Want to Feel Chaotic + and everybody else smiled back, both by Bears in Trees

  21. the thing that i thought was weird was the unpaintable area in the defender's base.

  22. Like on streaming sites he paid for another Artist account with that name instead of his BDG account.

  23. what weapon are you using? that's an important factor. all weapons have different times to kill and different places where they should position. since you're stuck in B rank, i would reccomend

  24. sooo that person seems to be equating being trans=trauma, so i would watch out for that. are you sure you want to play with them? there's absolutely nothing wrong with anyone playing a character of any gender, and that person is just being dumb.

  25. socialist because democracy and capitalism are fundamentally incompatible

  26. i always judge these by which one i end up singing and hats is the winner this time

  27. it's a very heavily implied thing. atm, it's mostly just a headcanon, but a lot of the way they behave towards each other, (and a bonus manga) heavily implies they are dating.

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