1. They’re Speedo shoreline briefs, not sure where you’d find them in stock anymore. I was fortunate to find these in my size, they’re really an excellent design.

  2. Speedos and wicked weasels not sure if it can get much better! Both lookin great!

  3. Thank you! I’m very grateful to have a partner who will indulge me like this lol

  4. Awesome! I recently got my GF into wicked weasel bikinis. Between us we are wearing about enough fabric to make a bandana.

  5. That print was the first I bought my gf! Now she has quite a few more heehee

  6. You look incredible! I’m obsessed with those bottoms on your fit midsection

  7. I’m sorry you went through that. What a cruel, manipulative act!

  8. Lol I am 25 and lived with my parents for like 18 months. Covid made it tough to get some alone time so I emphasize completely.

  9. Definitely a huge fantasy of mine, but getting caught would be mortifying. Unless the trails were totally unpopulated?

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