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  1. No, because TSM Huni is reliant on us trading Lost to EG for him. But trading Lost assumes DL doesn’t retire which is dependent on us getting a good support (SwordArt)

  2. boomer question here, is tik tok supposed to be like vine?

  3. no one is in the chair, but the queue was still accepted would be my guess

  4. I'm looking to build my first PC, do you think the Dell with 1440p and gsync would be worth the extra cash over the VG248QE?

  5. I have the 24" Dell monitor and yes it is. The VG248QE should not even be considered nowadays unless it's on some really good sale. The S2417DG is more than twice as good as the VG248QE. Keep in mind that a monitor should last you a long time so a good investment is worth it.

  6. What's wrong with the VG248QE? I use it all the time and I haven't noticed anything wrong with it... though I've also never had anything that's as expensive or more.

  7. PWM flickering and old. Better and newer monitors available now (with better color reproduction). The XG2401, for example, is about the same price, has FreeSync, and is one of the best 1080p 144Hz displays.

  8. There is no formal Uninstall option for an OS, you'll have to format the drive. So move all the stuff you want to keep, then format.

  9. On the other hand, me trying to get a single Azura ends up with two Lindes.

  10. Rameses B - Virtuality. Was used during the DIG series episode

  11. Overwatch is working on that yeah. But still. TSM already had overwatch team then they just broke it off I guess it wasn't working?

  12. TSM couldnt have relations with a team that had a history with hacking because sponsor issues and/or brand image(?) Something like that IIRC

  13. Serious question, what's wrong with the 3GB 1060? I've seen benchmarks of it doing favourably against the 4GB RX470 and even pulling it's weight against the RX480. At ~$200 it seems like good value. Just curious.

  14. People are just upset because it doesn't have the performance of the 6GB 1060 and should've been released as the 1050 Ti or something. If NVIDIA just released a 3GB version without "gimping" it as well, then it probably wouldn't have gotten the flack.

  15. Sven's page haha. Name: Dennis 'Johnsen' Svenskeren

  16. it has good cooling for the price basically. However these days, people recommend the Cryorig H7 more if you can find one for around $35 in stock instead of the 212 EVO.

  17. Try disabling G-Sync. G-Sync isn't perfect and doesn't work well on some games. I had some issues in Overwatch before. Or you may need to run the application in true full screen mode.

  18. Is this a widespread thing with G-sync? I would initially think this wouldn't be a game by game scenario, but apparently not.

  19. Yeah it's a pretty known issue. You could try running the games in full screen mode (not windowed borderless) and it'll resolve quite a number of problems, but yeah Gsync may cause stuttering on some games.

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