1. Ceo of Shawn here to tell you all that Shawn is amazing. 👀

  2. Shawn or Izzy, cause I mean like I’m totally not a ceo of them 👀

  3. He took Shawns advice about bakers being hidden in plain sight sense the dawn of time, covered in frosting to far.

  4. Thanks, will fill this out. Wyatts first ex be a player though

  5. I just realized I follow your YouTube channel 😦

  6. The cast has my two favourite characters in it so, yes, It is awesome!!

  7. He’s taking about the hair on DJs chin, hence why he’s pointing to it

  8. yo is that Mike in the image too? heck yeah! wonder whats up with his eyes tho hmmm

  9. Loving the art style, cant wait to see how this plays out!!

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