1. Maybe just maybe they should send out an anonymous survey asking employees what three things need to be better. That and these name tags might help with those high turnover rate numbers.

  2. We do, we actually receive an anonymous survey at least a few times randomly per year to express our frustrations and such with management and also customers.

  3. Well they gotta start listening cause it sucks to see so many unhappy employees at a company that had a decent culture.

  4. Trust me when I say that they are at least now listening, with how the new set up is now, a lot more of our ideas are being implemented. However still don’t make up for the shit we low level employees deal with but hey…. Baby steps ya know?

  5. yeah, I can play earlier parts of the quest just fine, just after I do the shit with the van I start dying randomly

  6. Oof, then yea I wouldn’t know much other than suggesting a new play through? It totally blows but I had to do that when something similar happened to me. I had a mission bugged that I couldn’t complete because the quest never popped up for me, unfortunately it was a main quest mission so I could never progress from there and had to start a whole new play through 😅

  7. In either way, if you cancel the line before or after, it would negate the promo due to T-Mobiles policy. Any line cancellations 90 days before or after would make the promo fall off the account.

  8. Oh my god enough of your responses being the same “ he will kill himself” bs. This is either a massive troll post, or your not allowing yourself to think clearly. Before you respond to me or anyone else on this thread. Put down your phone, call the cops, tell them EVERYTHING YOUVE SAID ON THIS POST, then divorce him. If anything is done past that, then this is obviously a troll post because this is 99.99% of the recommended advice on here and yet you give no other comment.

  9. It’s gonna either be you have an eligible phone to trade in, or you’re gonna be looking at adding a line in order to take advantage of some sort of deal. My best recommendation is just looking around at other carriers and see what they offer for new customer deals since there’s a ton of them that don’t require trade ins.

  10. It's sounds like switching makes the most sense money wise. It's just a pain going through the effort, but for $800 I guess I'll just have to find the time to do it.

  11. From being a customer to working in the industry, I’ve seen over the years to where nowadays, customer loyalty means nothing. Switching every 2 years and getting new phones is highly promoted but just shown in a different light. However these are just my own thoughts and opinions about how the wireless industry is these days.

  12. 2 years later and you just saved this bartenders life after a shit shift. Thank you.

  13. Highly unlikely that we will. Nothing has been passed down to us from an in store level but the standard is typically not.

  14. Does Tmobile notify its employees once the clock hit 12am (cyber Monday)?

  15. No, we typically are notified a couple days to a day before a promotion comes out.

  16. Most store will never charge for a replacement SIM card, just go in and say it’s damaged and they will give you a fresh new one. Also verify if that line is still an active line on your account too just to make sure that’s also not an issue

  17. I have what might be a stupid question: with Magenta Max, if you have an eligible trade-in but your line is an “On Us” line, if you were to trade-in that “On Us” phone, would you owe the remainder of the on us phone on top of the new upgraded phone?

  18. Lots of stores, including mine, started to get accessories for it and already have seen some branding stuff for the new Google pixel, I’m willing to say that I’m 98.89% sure that tmobile will be carrying it

  19. Just know that this is going to backfire on you and ruin your relationship with your daughter going forward in life. You are just like how my helicopter parents were and I don’t speak to them anymore. She pays her own bill for her phone so as far as I’m concerned, you have absolutely no right to search through and take her phone. She lives in your house but don’t act surprised once she does turn 18 that she disappears without you knowing. Also life360? Really? Get a grip, fix your parenting skills, get a better relationship with her before you loose her forever, clocks ticking

  20. I absolutely love this! Any chance you have anything like this for an iPhone wallpaper?

  21. Whenever you get that up, I would love to use it! Thank you for your work

  22. At least in your case there is a damn car there... For me its just empty space with a marker...

  23. PC, the problem started with patch 1.3 i thought it got fixed with 1.31 but no, its still there... Or i should say its not there, the damn car... V makes a comment about it being his car but there is nothing there so i cant interact with it and the quest is blocked.

  24. Damn that sucks, I know that I ran into some bad glitches with this game car wise like the car being stuck in the ground but nothing like that. Although I did get to a point once where the story mode wouldn’t progress further even tho I completed each mission fully so I couldn’t do anything until I had to basically make a new v and redo everything I did

  25. Wait until the new iPhone comes out, every iPhone launch that I’ve been apart of at tmobile has always had promos for new and current customers

  26. They cannot legally kick you out. Just fyi. Even if you’re 18.

  27. Depends on the state, but it’s her parents home with there name on it. They can legally kick her out without any warning or reason

  28. That’s not true. They’d have to get an eviction.

  29. Yea if she’s renting from them and has a legally binding contract, something tells me not.

  30. Having the same issue. Was trying to play with my buddy but neither of us can receive any invites. Have you tried to hard reset your Xbox?

  31. How do we do it I’m from the uk

  32. On cash app, they allow you to buy stocks and Bitcoin. I’m not sure how it all works there but I would try that

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