1. if he returns to form he and Micah could be a dangerous duo for sure

  2. Because management due to corporate directives always overloads everyone with tasks to the point that cleaning becomes a low or non priority until some corporate suits are coming. Then magically the store is supposed to sparkle. All of the sudden OT isn't a big deal for a few days.

  3. Yeah exactly at my company stores too. Big corporation bosses show up then store management wants everyone to go from 0 to hero on cleaning and roll out the red carpet for them... 💀

  4. LOL then they do a 5 minute walk around the store and move on.

  5. Loved him while he was in Dallas, started hating him when he left, glad he's retiring relatively early and hope he has a long and happy life.

  6. I expect they decide what will be America's Game of the Week before the season starts. Eagles are exceeding expectations while AZ, LA, and Dallas are relatively underwhelming. That being said I think LA vs. Dallas is going to be the more competitive game and more fun to watch, eagles will probably roll the Cardinals.

  7. Yes , all you have to do is sign up (for 4-6 years of service) and you too can be on these Incentive Flights in a year or two. Of course you could remain civilian, save 2/3 of your income (which will reduce your disposable income to the level of our service members) and then invest your savings in a thrill flight in a jet trainer .

  8. That happened a few times when I worked at General Dynamics. They occasionally had contests for employees to win a ride in an F-16. Oddly enough it was always some high level suit that 'won' the contest. I did get to 'fly' a simulator a few times though. I was an 'expediter' and the supervisor of that department was a friend. Somehow or another when he needed parts they magically appeared on his desk the next morning. Let's face it, my job was to be a thief, I had to duck the union, security, and so on, to get parts from plant 'A' to plant 'B'. I was very good at it and never got caught.

  9. Na I agree we haven’t looked good but we’re starting a new qb and we haven’t really been blown out in any games. To say we are done already is a bit fast for me. Let’s see 3-4 games.

  10. ya that's where I'm at. Let's see what Kenny brings to the table.

  11. Not a fan of this guy … this lookout is in a designated wilderness area, and so it’s against the law to fly a drone there. But the drone footage gives this guy’s vid more clicks, and so he has no problem with disrespecting the wilderness by doing that.

  12. Maybe he got permission before he went? I'm just asking because I'm ignorant on the subject.

  13. There's not really any provision for granting permission or making exceptions. One of the hallmarks of America's network of Wilderness areas is that they are specifically intended to be permanent refuges from mechanized intrusions. And I support that 100%. As the world grows more and more developed we need more than ever to have a few places that are absolute sanctuaries from modern intrusions ... and we need to respect those places.

  14. My first thought after “that was close” was “I wonder who has to hose out the heli?”😂

  15. This is what I have and I love it. No neck or shoulder pain, no back pain, and it reclines far enough for a nap at 'lunch'. Granted it's a little higher than your budget but I love it.

  16. Oh man that looks super comfy. Might look into that. Hey if it's comfy I'm will to spend the money. Lol

  17. got a foot rest that raises up too. I built a desktop that slips into the cup holders and if I'm just doing calls I scoot my chair back, put the keyboards and mice on the desktop, and recline back a bit. Soo comfy. And a choice of colors.

  18. First of all I don't think Rush gives Dallas a chance at a long run for the season. That said if Dallas manages to pull off a win against the Rams I say trot Rush on out there and let Daks hand heal fully. It's a long season and I'm rather wait until a player is 100% if Dallas has that luxury insofar as the W - L column.

  19. I do say that it was a mistake not to give the first unit some playing time in preseason. The rust was obvious.

  20. I agree that the assessment tests are kind of pointless. I have 15 years of customer service experience and I’m asked how I would handle quote simple situations that arise quite often in this type of work. Imo it’s a waste of time. Maybe you should simply explain it to the hiring manager. You’ve gotten this far so I think it would be kind of silly on their part to place so much importance on this skills test. If they don’t understand or won’t accommodate your disability, I think you should look for work else where (if you can be picky). Stay strong! You got this :)

  21. 25 here and the 'answers' they give you on multiple choice I often wish they'd give me the 'neither' or 'none of the above' option and let me give them my answer.

  22. I think you really underestimate just how dumb a lot of this fanbase is. There’s a not-insignificant number of fans really trying to push this.

  23. I've just gotten in the habit of blocking people I consider stupid. Makes it more enjoyable to visit this sub. Kind of a pity too. There used to be a couple of guys around that always had something intelligent and insightful to say that were real interesting to read. They left because, I imagine, they got tired of the idiocy.

  24. Do you have any pain points working remotely?

  25. Nope. That said it is a solitary life and I can see how lack of socialization could be an issue for some. So to other WFH people especially younger ones that need stimulation I'd suggest getting on a schedule and staying on one if you can then get out of the house on the weekends if you can. Personally, I like the solitude.

  26. Congrats, that’s awesome! I’m a big fan of WFH; some of the things that have helped me: A really good chair - consider comfort and ergonomics, made a huge difference! Desk - with enough space for your computer/monitor/essentials + a little extra room, with a stand-up conversion/option if possible... adding a little plant, or a light helps.

  27. Man I so wish I could work with my back to the wall but my space is so limited it wouldn't work in my loft. But that's really good advice especially if you have a window you can see out of. The rest I agree 100%. My desk is custom but it's getting old and I'm going to have to replace it before too terribly wrong. My chair? Ya I spent $300 on it but it's worth it. I can work semi reclined all day and I have zero neck, shoulder, or back pain from it.

  28. check the gas cap and make sure it's totally tight, how long has it been since the vehicle had an oil change? Perhaps an oil change and a reset of the button will fix that. In the owners manual there's instructions for how to turn the light off. In most cases it's not a big deal especially if your mechanic that checked the vehicle is competent.

  29. I had one pose as a legit medical company based out of San Francisco. I contacted the company at their website and they verified it was a scam. I ended up keeping him on the hook for an entire week on Skype for wasting my time.

  30. It's be cool if we could figure out a way to scam the scammers.

  31. Some but most of the ones for people without experience are scams or essentially sweatshops. If you can gut it out for a year in a call center you might be able to use that as experience.

  32. video was way choppy on my end for some odd reason

  33. I'm going to give it a few months before I get back into it. Keeps it fresh. Although I posted the other day about favorite funny episodes that got a good response. I'm going to post another one Monday with a different subject.

  34. SPN's Heaven is one of the best Heavens I have seen depicted. I don't see why a person couldn't believe in a Heaven like that. I know I want to see all my loved ones and pets, so that is the Heaven I believe in.

  35. got to be honest here I don't feel a lot of sympathy for him. If you're trying to organize a union and they tell you to take off a pin because you're violating dress code take the damn thing off. Save it for later once you get a union and can address that at the bargining table.

  36. Union related activity,including wearing pins/buttons in support of the union,is protected speech.

  37. the pin doesn't support union activity and that's the catch

  38. My stores 'solution' to this was if we had big trucks to cut everybodies hours later in the week or 'send them home early'. Now personally I really didn't need the OT so on backstock days I'd bail an hour or two early but I did have guys on my crew that needed the extra hours to pay rent etc so I'd just let them work their shift with the option to go home early. Got fanged a few times for it but I didn't care.

  39. Why are people still using Amazon? Why are people still using Amazon? STOP FEEDING THE DRAGON.

  40. I use it. As a 'google' for products I want. I've found I can usually get better deals going direct to the source.

  41. Somewhat similar. I got an interview with a company out in California and the principles happened to be in Texas although 2 hours away. So I drove, met them in the lobby of their hotel, and had a nice successful interview.

  42. Ouch. I felt that. Makes you wonder what the other candidates could possibly be doing to outperform the ranks. Thanks for sharing.

  43. Oh I'm doing fine. Shortly after that I started my consulting company in a similar field and it does quite well for me. I'm bouncing between WFH jobs atm just to stay busy and have extra $$ to buy toys that I want :)

  44. concur. I don't mind when they allude to it. I don't want to watch it.

  45. Yeah, I thought the same. If they can create a human looking skin on Isaac, they should be able to do that.

  46. I would imagine Isaac has better better self control considering that sex would probably just be an analytical exercise for him anyway.

  47. Oh we don't bat an eye at a woman with a vibrator but fuck a robot and we get all judgy.

  48. i work from home and can set my own schedule so I usually hit the bed around 8, wake up at 3 or 4, screw off for 6 hours or so, take a nap, then go to work. Been trying to stay up later and sleep later but my internal clock wakes me up at 3 almost dead bang on every day.

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