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  1. I'm in KY and drive to Michigan to purchase too. I hope Ohio goes recreational. I absolutely love Michigan and love going, but it isn't always feasible to drive 6 hours from home. Would be so much easier it I could just drive 20 minutes and cross the bridge.

  2. Another northern Kentuckian in the house! Yea the drive is a bitch and not convenient at all. But it is worth it once you get home with all your stuff and think about how much money you saved. Maybe Andy Beshear will help us get medical weed at least soon.

  3. I'm actually in eastern KY, in Ashland. I love MI and we always make at least a weekend out of it. Last time we went was in March. We went and hung out in Downtown Detroit, ate Buddy's Pizza, went to Belle Isle, ate some coneys and spent the night in Ann Arbor. Next time we'll go back won't be until next summer, but that'll be for a week long vacation in Ludington. I hope Andy can get us medical, at least. I have clinical depression, anxiety, ADHD, a bad hip that always has me in pain, horrible insomnia. Cannabis helps more than any other medicine ever has.

  4. It’s the strongest plant fiber on the planet I think

  5. My wonderbrett I just grabbed is harsh not cured. Just thrown in a tight sealed container for 4 months. Thx again for the harsh smoke

  6. It’s illegal in the way that you’re not supposed to take weed over the state lines back to Ohio. Michigan dispensaries sell to Ohio patients under the guise you will consume it before you go back home

  7. So what are you trying to say? Maybe I stayed all weekend in Ann Arbor for the hash bash. Why don’t you troll someone else? Oh that’s right you are government employee who likes schooling children on what it means to be a good American. Get the hell outta here

  8. Your all’s bud looks legit. Way better than Ohio products we are offered

  9. Hate it! Take something as natural as Sinsemilla and make it a pseudo product with negative benefits and makes for an all around mediocre buying experience

  10. It's really hard for both sides of the relationship and that's why it's so valuable to maintain them. Especially now when you're competing with an online marketplace.

  11. regulators suspended the medical cannabis employee license of Ancient Roots’s CEO for allegedly giving out product samples. They be selling their shit genetics on BLM

  12. This seems like a great time to invite everyone to Ohio Cannabis Lobby Day 2022. make your voices heard. It's at the State House from 9:00AM-3:00PM on 4/20.

  13. Ty for the “heady” heads up ! Will try to be there🙌🏼

  14. Fucking madness! That strong iron hammer yields the maker once again. God be with these men

  15. Nightmare alley was twisted. Loved it. Only decent movie released in some time

  16. About wellness in genntown, ohio. Sw ohio area. What I could get downtown Cincinnati for 50$ 2.83g of buckeye relief I was able to purchase 8.79 of buckeye relief for 80 something dollars. They didn’t have the 92 cookies I wanted by them but got some blue diesel by buckeye relief that smells like baby shit. Only thing that was any different was a bigger jar of overpriced bunk weed that I have to smoke. That and it won’t be smoked up in one night. Ohio is not where u need to take a trip to. Weed is junk

  17. I never trust that limegreen color when I see it in Ohio. Klutch blows

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