1. So it's literally crossed with lavender flowers? I didn't even know that was possible.

  2. No it isn’t! It’s crossed with another strain named lavender, sometimes known as lavender kush

  3. Thank you so much!! I feel honored. Pacing has been the biggest factor in my improvement too and it’s honestly crazy how difficult it is

  4. I struggled with boredom because of autism/adhd before i even developed ME, to the point where I developed sex, food and drug addiction issues. ME has forced me to accept boredom but in doing so I've also had to let go of desire. as soon as I try to do something enjoyable it immediately wakes up my hunger for life and doing more, which immediately makes me panic, both from being overstimulated, and from the pain of the loss.

  5. I fucking feel you. I don’t know if I have advice but I’m in a similar place right now and I keep having scary flashbacks to when I was sicker and I don’t know how to deal.

  6. In today's episode you will watch: why people hate something that is free and other secrets of the universe

  7. Soon covet will be giving out less crowns and the challenges that give crowns will be more expensive like series challenges are. In a year from now the crowns will work way differently and be expensive

  8. If you have an address or clinic name for Dr. Kaufman, please share. I can only find him in CA. If he recently moved…maybe I cannot find him as of yet.

  9. Maybe he isn’t seeing patients himself just working with the clinic,

  10. Pem is the important symptom to watch. Extended rest helping makes sense. I feel my best after resting too

  11. It depends on your severity and what symptoms you want to manage

  12. Right, but a ballpark for your level of severity would be helpful to me to know when I should pull back. I can feel it triggering the desperate escapist attempt but I want to be mindful about it.

  13. What do you mean by when you should pull back? It might be the brain fog but I don’t understand what you’re asking

  14. I wonder if tc would even be with her now if she was a single mother

  15. I want to give you a hug. I want to find you another job. You deserve so much better, and if you keep going at this rate you’re going to get a lot sicker. I’m so sorry life is so hard.

  16. I created a new Instagram account where I follow things I’m interested in and enjoy seeing, like artists, some pop culture, a lot of memes. Then when I’m spending time on Instagram I only see things that make me happy. If I want to check up on my friends I’ll switch accounts, but I don’t do that too often because it makes me sad.

  17. Really really don’t go. The chances of it helping you are slim to none, the chances of it hurting you are high. It isn’t worth the risk

  18. Dysautonomia is thought to be the cause of long covid/post viral illnesses. Antihistamine blockades are being trialled and are working for lots of people. The NHS isn’t going to know or care about any of this but there are docs out there who are researching it.

  19. I know this is an old thread but I found it searching... I have orthostatic hypotension and just learned about using spanx for this. Which one do you think is best

  20. I have the last one you linked and have found it helpful!

  21. Thanks! I already placed my order, I got the same one but without the bra compression... the open bust one. Do you think the closed one adds more pressure?

  22. I don’t think the bra one would make a significant difference, from what I understand the most blood pools in the lower abdomen and thighs

  23. Drs can only find the things that they were looking for. They don’t know what we have, they don’t know what markers to test for, and we don’t know what the medication we need are or what actions they need to do in our bodies.

  24. Cfs isn’t a catch all term. Chronic fatigue is, but mecfs is a distinct illness

  25. She still acted unprofessional. I understand about allergies , but if she had true allergies it would have occurred immediately. But he could have taken the pants off her to spray them but her stomping off, completely unprofessional.

  26. There are all sorts of chemical sensitivities that don’t have your typical allergic reaction

  27. I also thought that Altuzzara on s1 was much better than Jetemy Scott. Altuzarra had a better idea of fashionable and yet wearable for the everyday person, Scott is too niche and I don't this his taste or style is relatable at all. His clothes look like candy wrappers

  28. Helllll yeah. This has been crucial to my pacing. I take clonidine in the morning as a downer for the day, which was my specialists idea. And I use weed as needed to keep me sleepy and content with doing very little. The sicker I am, the more I use weed to rest out of it

  29. We never saw Shaun telling Christine he took a demotion?

  30. On the special occasions where I don't feel quite so crap I think to myself "sooo, what now? I have no friends, I have no plans, if I do too much I'll probably crash... I don't want to waste my feeling good on doing something like much needed housework but I also don't know how to have fun".

  31. Oh my god YES. Whenever I get better, it’s like I can see how much I’ve missed out on and I get so depressed which feels wrong but it happens every time

  32. Differentiating between them doesn’t matter, you should be focusing on pacing for mecfs

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