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  1. This is an extremely unpopular take so I’ll take the criticism: While I’m universally against nearly every form of subscription for products, I would be down for a $30-$40 monthly (max) phone subscription to get the newer model every year. I’m already paying that over 3 years except using the same phone the whole time.

  2. I still think this is a word salad, what the fuck is it supposed to mean

  3. The entire point of their video is that MacBooks don’t have the same issue - at least not to the same extent. Standby on my M1 MBA is outstanding.

  4. It definitely has not been great in my experience with the M1 air but I’m glad to see in this video that there’s a way to disable network access on sleep.

  5. See that surprised me. I don't have that toggled off and I don't see that problem whatsoever with my M1 Pro MBP. I can leave that thing laying around all day and the battery will be nearly right where I left it.

  6. Definitely weird, maybe different usage causes background tasks to look for network access during sleep more than others?

  7. I usually am not fond of the ones recording in these vids even when they seem justified, but his response was so simple and straight forward that I think it’s appropriate. A simple “fuck you” would have been way better though.

  8. "No babe you don't understand there's a phone jumping to the other pocket, it's just hard to see"

  9. This question gets posted here periodically. It really should be, “What is the worst road in New Jersey other than 22?”

  10. I-4 in Florida is really really bad. Driving it was so bad that without knowing anything about it I looked it up to see if others thought it was that bad, and it’s considered to be the worst in the US on some lists.

  11. Catherine Zeta-Jones (Morticia), Luis Guzmán (Gomez ), and Fred Armisen (Fester). They all kind of sucked in my opinion. Maybe I just have high standards because of the movies.

  12. I like Wednesday and Morticia. Gomez is not good, and not because he’s bad he’s just not really like Gomez at all. Fester is abysmal.

  13. One thing that might help against certain bosses: if you fight Xyarlohatp, you get what is probably the best aura in the game. It gives you extreme cooldown reduction for a couple seconds after a plume. If you equip high-damage abilities, and the Soul Boost skill that gains you instant soul, you can spam your abilities and plumes to burst down bosses to an insane degree. I absolutely melted many of the game's heroic fights this way.

  14. Just killed the council with the help of this comment, thank you very much.

  15. “Your persistence is maddening…why must you pester me so?”


  17. Ahh okay thank you. Really sucks you can’t play it on ps5.

  18. I've had my data corrupted 3 times in the last 2 weeks.

  19. Thank you. So no matter what it wipes all data on the console.

  20. I can't speak for the HD650 cable itself, but I have used NewFantasia on both my Sundaras and a pair of M1060s I sold.

  21. Got it, I will definitely keep that in mind. It’s a shame sennheiser doesn’t sell a shorter alternative.

  22. I got some cable ties and made a few loops in the middle of my HD650 cable to shorten it. Good enough for a home office setup.

  23. I have it that way now but can't stand it lol. I appreciate your advice though.

  24. I played through the entirety of the afterlife update (I waited to start until it came out on PS4) on PS5 with no issues

  25. I never encountered any save corruption issues over the course of two playthroughs on PS4, so I dunno where you heard that because it was fine for me.

  26. On the official game sub there are a lot of posts about it.

  27. Just ps4, there’s some issue with the game engine on ps4 that they haven’t been able to work out

  28. What about the PS4 version on the PS5? Or is there no difference? I am far into the game and only reading about these issues today, am scared to continue.

  29. Anyone know when the corrupted save file problem will be fixed ? I can’t even beat the game without it fucking up.

  30. Are you playing on PS5 or PS4? Is this still a problem for you?

  31. I know for a fact it's possible but the fight is so long I always do a mistake and die.

  32. Every enemy since the beginning is like that but I was skilled enough to not care... now this is too much. For example to kill a single soldier with a gun, it took me 2 minutes of spamming him while he blocks all my attacks. (My parries don't do anything to his posture I'm obligated to drain his life)

  33. Seems like too much of a dramatic shift from +5 to +7 to be normal, but I haven't done +7 to be able to compare experience. I feel like this guy would be impossible to kill the way he is in this video lol.

  34. The OG Demon's was my first FS game and these dudes were a fuckin nightmare.

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