1. I thought it was pretty nice too, even after I forgot I had it for a few weeks lmao

  2. I just keep mine in my klutch luster pod package. It fits perfect and I can keep my charger and extra pod with it lol.

  3. He’ll yeah man I got the blueberry cheesecake minis and robot minis. Didn’t get the discount like you but still better than their normal $95.

  4. added a review. I've had worse! but I've also had better. presentation was very lack luster but atleast the buds weren't hella dry.

  5. I’m gonna have to check it out, but my dispensary never had that yet..

  6. That animal face is phenomenal, I’m so bummed out my dispensary doesn’t have any Woodward in stock ☹️. Plan on trying the grape head next.

  7. I would try the tinctures, I had great effects from them. Or you could also try the rso pills. Those did a great job for me as well. I always had the butterfly effect tincture and muv rso pills

  8. Bleach for the simple fact you can finish it lol

  9. How is it? Do you have to put a lot in the chamber to get a decent hit? Overall would you recommend?

  10. Recommended, a fine tool. I go for a medium load and small tokes but everyone has their own preference.

  11. Awesome thanks. I know I love dAbbing but always run into the problem of not being able to take with me and this would solve all my problems.

  12. Sounds awesome thanks for the review man, can’t wait to get my hands on a jar

  13. I just put my battery with the pod in it , in my klutch luster pod bag fits perfectly and no lint 😁

  14. Yeah that guy was acting like a straight fool. The security guard for bloom deff called the cops and gave them his license plate number. When they were kicking him out he was cussing everyone in line out trying to start problems with anyone and everyone. I feel for the awesome employees at bloom Columbus having to put up with shit like this everyday. You guys are the bomb!!

  15. Have you tried tinctures? Idk if this is classified as an edible but man are they awesome!! Would deff recommend

  16. I’ve heard it’s the terps I want to specifically myrcrene or however it’s spelled. It does something in your lungs that makes more thc be absorbed. disclaimer I could be totally wrong 😑 next time you pick up ask about terps

  17. I don’t think it’s blooms fault it’s the bop for issuing so many medical marijuana cards without enough dispensary’s to get medicine from… it never was like this at bloom when I first got my card. Never had to wait more than 15 mins and now I’ve been waiting for over an hour smh. Believe me I get it.

  18. I've never been to bloom. I usually go to Botanist or Strawberry Fields depending on discounts (Botanist just for convenience as their discounts pretty much suck or save you tax). I hear mixed results on them so I may just give it a go for myself.

  19. Never been to either of those I should really try some new dispensary’s out. But bloom is so close and I love the deals they do. Also after going in today I found out the reason I had to wait so long, because two patients got so pissed off or whatever bloom had to call the cops and ban them. 🤦‍♂️

  20. I read you could “retrain” your nose/brain to smell. After losing it from covid. And I can attest that it deff does work. All you have to do is buy 4 different essential oils smell one for about 30 seconds give your brain a minute to process and move on to next smell. Do this two times a day for a month and you should start to get your sense of smell.

  21. Don’t hit it as hard as your old carts, these just need a little draw to get you going.

  22. In my experience klutch is always the best. Flower is always on point, it’s never dry, and im always satisfied with the high. And they are supremely reliable! Orange 43 is one of my favorites. Buckeye relief is also pretty good and it’s not as pricey As klutch. I always take advantage of the sales they have. Your just gonna have to find your preference and go from there. I started with do I like sativa or indica and went from there

  23. I have the gelato by pow as well and it’s very nice! I can only imagine that strain is fire too.

  24. Got 5.66 of some orange 43 and 2.83 of truffletini by certified and also some live resin deep breath from %100 labs. I gotta say I’m pretty impressed with the live resin great taste, super mellow and euphoric high. Puts me in a great mood ready for anything lol

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