AITA for refusing to walk with my sisters “friend” in her wedding and requesting a different girl??

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  1. I'm still looking for it now but I do know it's a 3m brand.

  2. 3M was recommended to me on earlier on here, n I only hear good things about them, so I'm pretty sure its a good brand!

  3. Thank you! I'm glad, Now all I have to do is find the filters and I should be golden. I didn't know resin even was dangerous to use with out one until I saw some youtubers have a big fancy mask on and I was confused and then people told me in the comments ya resin releases toxic gas and I'm like WTF ?

  4. Glad to help! Yes, resin can be really toxic, especially in the long run. Good safety materials are key. There are multiple YouTube videos about it, and I would do research on the 3m site to see if your respirator n the filters r good enough to protect you. Also make sure you use nitrile gloves when working with resin!

  5. Where did you find that mold? I NEEEED IT IN MY LIFE!

  6. Amazon! Search this Conshvi Candle Molds Silicone | Doll Candle Molds for Candle Making, 3D Craft Wax Molds for DIY Halloween Decoration. I also have some unused molds lol I’ll get to them when I get to them

  7. Thank you, I got mine from AliExpress, and I saw that there were multiple sizes on there so if you want a bigger ( or smaller?) one, you can also look on there to make a little doll family :)

  8. Omg samee, I rlly want that mold too! (* Completely ignores all other unused molds*)

  9. All I know is that you should dry the leaves first, n that you rlly should do your research on it. If you won't, or if you don't do it properly, they'll rot n your whole piece will be ruined.

  10. Well, looks like I've got avoidant PD next to Autism and ADD.... Apperently

  11. I think this symbol is made by a NT person on how they see us, like there's a piece from us missing or something. Idk why, but apperently some (not all, just some, hold your horses) like to flash it to get attention or respect or something, like the autistic person is a burden on them. Idk why, its wierd honestly. We should do the same thing for neurotypicals, and see how they react....

  12. Honestly, if it's that bad, i think you should call the cops or smth on them. Dont tell them about your Autism though, it might make you a target for them...

  13. If you catch them doing it, throw eggs back at them. :) Or call the cops to their house if you want to solve it the "adult way"

  14. I should give some context to it. She wrote all of this after breaking up with her "boyfriend". She is 15 and her boyfriend was 9.

  15. Nta. That Tara person is rlly wierd and sounds toxic asf. It sounds like they want to ruin this wedding and all. Your sister should respect you better than a random friend they made a few months ago.

  16. The housing market, the politics not doing their job, politicians being dicks to farmers, if you're 17 or below and commit a murder, you're behind for only 2 years, and if you're over the age of 18 it'll will be 7, tops. We dont have enough people for the army or police, etcetc

  17. No, your teacher is an asshole. ADHD is not an excuse, its the reason why you behave like you do. My mom got her diagnosis, medication and a therapist aged 53, so its never too late to get help or to get diagnosed.

  18. Some people on the internet just get mad easily. Idk why that is either. Some people sadly don't have anything better to do with their lives. I think you did nothing wrong here.

  19. That's a great tip! I have another tip:I hate brushing my theeth, including flossing n using mouthwater. Its boring, my theeth are sensitive bc I didn't take care of them well so it hurts too, I just hate it. So now I just take my headphones with me to the bathroom while I'm brushing my theeth, n start watching YouTube or smth else. I know, it sounds ridiculous, but it actually helps, haha.

  20. I knew Danielle personally. This rocked our entire hometown and our friend group hasn’t been the same since. She always had a rough home life and her ex still posts about her on Facebook like she wasn’t literally murdered with another man. It’s all very sad. She was the most down to earth person I have ever met.

  21. Danielle and Bryan seemed so nice and seemed like my type of people, that's why I just don't understand why this happend.... I am so sorry that Danielles life at home was hard, and her ex seems pretty wierd... :/ I'm so sorry it happend so close to home, I hope you and your friendgroup will heal from this event someday...

  22. thank you, we weren’t best friends or anything but she was always incredibly kind to everyone and I enjoyed hanging around her. her ex is a total fucking loser, I hate when he talks about her death to get sympathy from people.

  23. Well, it's still hard losing someone that close to you, even if you werent friends. I just don't understand why her ex is behaving in that way.... Maybe he wasnt over her or smth.

  24. If the "this is fine" meme had an emoji, I would choose that one. Otherwise I would go for 🙂 or ✨

  25. Not trying to set a stereotype here, but the way of life is just different here. We are a small country, and everything we need is usually within cycling distance, cycling is something we learn to do from a very young age. We usually don't have to be in our car or public service when we go to school/work. Most kids cycle to their school between the age of 12 and 18. We also have WAY less fast food chains as they do over in the US, as I kid I almost never went to those chains to begin with (but I do have to add that we do sometimes get takeout, which most of the time is fries and a snack, but I also think we serve less food as they do in the US. I might be wrong though). Also, when I see those video's of US moms restocking their fridges etc (that's satisfying let me be), it blows my mind how many snacks and sugary drinks they have in the house for their kids to just have and take yo school. When I went to school, which isn't too long ago, I only had maybe 1, sometimes there were more in the package like the brand Sultana, cookie I was allowed to take to school with me. When I got home I didnt have anymore snacks, except for maybe some fruit. If I wanted something else I had to get it and pay for it myself, and if the school cookies were all gone before the end of the week, that was our problem and not my moms (which is understandable, it's good that she set those boundaries and only bought those things once a week). Up until the age of 14 I think, I was only allowed on saturday evenings to have a little bowl of chips and a few glasses of cola. This way I've learned not snack as often as kids who don't have those rules would. Adding to this, kids from the age of 4 until atleast 15 have gym lessons. And lastly Social control in the Netherlands is also a very big thing, we are very direct people especially the people above 35/40, so if they think you're putting on more weight than you should, they would let you know for sure.

  26. Lol what, I think the lesson here is it’s time for him to move out if he doesn’t like his mom doing dishes.

  27. Maybe, but you dont know their personal situation. Maybe they're the breadwinner, taking care of their mom and they're working all day? Maybe they're allergic to water? Maybe their mom insists on doing the dishes, there might be many reasons on why this happend other than the OP being lazy...

  28. Ah I’m just sure he is lazy 30 yr old who should have alrd moved out, but is complaining about this shit.

  29. Je kan echt enorm veel met Tofu maken, bvb een snelle eenpansmaaltijd. Daarnaast hoef je echt niet altijd een vleesvervanger te hebben, ik eet graag chili sin carne, (chili con carne maar dan gwn zonder vlees). Daarnaast experimenteer ik ook erg graag met bvb kruiden. Verder kun je online heel veel inspiratie opdoen. Ik hoop dat dit een beetje helpt.

  30. Not as impressive? This looks amazing! If this is not as impressive, the things I make are just straight up trash😂💀

  31. If you can grind or break into a little pieces, you can use them in your next casting as a filling material.

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