1. I want to say it’s an east/west coast thing. I’ve seen Carls Jrs in the west, but only Hardee’s in the Midwest and the Southeast.

  2. Meh. Target is just an app that employees use. Home Depot and Lowes figured it was better to make it easier for the customer to find what they're looking for, so they gave the app to the public

  3. Walmart is more or less an on the same app customers use too, according to the worker I spoke with.

  4. Can we nominate one person to just copy and paste the same reply on all these posts and no one else responds?

  5. W-4 just helps your employer estimate how much should be withheld through the year to cover your tax burden. To keep from owing at the end of the year, you should fill it out closest to how you will be filing come tax season.

  6. I took computer graphics from Dr. Jack Bresenham, of the Bresenham line algorithm. He told us we could buy the text if we wanted, but he was basically going to teach us from the paper he wrote for the ACM, and handed us all a copy of it that he photographed off. Awesome guy.

  7. The only published prof I ever had said “don’t buy the book, I’m just going to repeat it in class and you’re already paying to be here”.

  8. But for them to have not heard anything? I know it’s possible, but it’s still crazy.

  9. All 4 victims were found in their beds/rooms which means it’s likely none of them heard anything either… or had enough time to react to the attacks going on NEXT to them.

  10. Same. I watched it on am airplane of all places and i was definitely openly weeping next to the passenger beside me.

  11. How fuckin strong is Al? He looked strong asl when he pushed ole boy through the glass in the last episode he was in, and this episode he wrestled and KILLED a feral ass hog while injured from a tractor falling on his foot.

  12. You got gay vibes from him? Like do you think he’s in love with Brayden? Please tell me your theory. I think i need to rewatch because there are so many things going on.

  13. In every episode I got gay vibes from his interactions with Rich, but maybe that’s just him trying to manipulate.

  14. Billie Lourd, the doctor, touching the dead deer without gloves was a horrible attention to detail.

  15. Ok but what if it was intentional?! Something sinister about her idk what.

  16. I agree her character thus far seems kinda sus but she has access to the disease without accidentally contracting it by touch.

  17. just because of this episode, now i have a feeling Earn is going to die in the last episode

  18. After DG comparing it to the Sopranos, I’m just holding out hope that they didn’t all die in the shooting during the first episode and this is all a “what could have been” dreamscape.

  19. Yeah, dissociation. I still dissociate a lot because of rocky unstable childhood/parents even though I'm 31. Lottie is just escaping from reality.

  20. Idk why but I feel like Bree figured it out on her own. She’s had Stephen’s number from the beginning, but she knows how crazy Lucy is for him so she keeps quiet.

  21. Also side note. Why can Bree and Pippa see through Stephen so quickly, but Evan, Wrigley, and Drew don’t? And do we think Stephen and Lucy realize how toxic they are to each other?

  22. Like the other person said… Bree alludes to not wanting him there but Evan insisting…

  23. You guys, my palms were sweating this whole fucking episode. When Lucy got that email from her professor, my eyes popped out of my head and I got major flashback to the panic from college of seeing a letter in my inbox from a professor, haha!

  24. This reminds me of all the books the Vatican has locked up from the public. One particularly about summoning Satan/demons.

  25. On the subject of things tucked away by the church… did we ever find out who/what was in the lead sarcophagus found under the Notre Dame cathedral?

  26. Well, I guess that’s better than some poor sap they accused of being a evil/unholy like people were speculating when it was originally found; but much less interesting.

  27. Darius being instantly down is so fucking funny

  28. “So what you’d rather kiss a stranger or something… you need to look at them again?”

  29. If so he applies it really selectively, cuz he backed away from scooter lady like a mfker…🤣

  30. Tbf that was self preservation. Even with Teddy he didn’t back down until he knew his life was in danger… 😂

  31. Yes and I wonder why? They don’t have artificial insemination so what are they going to do with it anyways?

  32. I don't really think you're justifying it. But I feel weird about someone feeling sad for a serial killer.

  33. I dunno, he obviously struggled with being gay and substance abuse along with a dysfunctional family. That's also millions of people. Only one in a million+ does the sick and evil shit he did. Look at all of his victims who were gay, you don't think they dealt with those same issues? Plenty of them had parents who didn't support them.

  34. Am I the only one who doesn’t see how Lucy can be SOOO head over heels fighting with her friends for this guy?? Like everything they’ve shown in their relationship stephen hasn’t done anything that would make me think “yeah I get why she’s really into him bc he tricked her by doing this and that, or he was super sweet and over the top to trap her” like none of that has happened. I just don’t see the story of how she got to this point of infatuation with him, bc he has done nothing exceptional.

  35. I might be in the minority here but I to me it seems like it isn’t so much Stephen, but the relationship dynamic that keeps her drawn in.

  36. Yeah, i didn’t read the book so maybe i’m wrong but I have a feeling what she thinks about her mom might not even be accurate information

  37. I haven’t read it either but apparently the situation is much different in the book.

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