1. Wasn’t there a recent one where one of the solo idols were accused of being lowkey racist to one of his fans?

  2. That was proven false. He skipped a bunch of people throughout the concert and was heard telling people to move back. The person that posted that also was posting about being angry that they weren’t getting any direct attention from idols at concerts. Like complaining about idols not noticing them.

  3. My cat Alligator lets us do it no problem. She’s a very gentle and calm cat even as a kitten. Also when she wants your attention when you’re asleep she very gently puts her paw on your face to wake you up.

  4. Depends on the person for me. I think you have to have the right face shape for certain hairstyles. The cut and texture are important too.

  5. DKB is a group that basically does mostly krnb/khiphop influenced music. They write most of their music and do their own choreography too!

  6. ppl can’t seriously think calling another grown up sexy,fine,or hot is a problem lol

  7. I’ve heard people say an adult dating another adult 5 years younger than them is predatory. Like a 21 year old and a 26 year old. There are definitely people who care about and believe in that nonsense.

  8. Aegyo is often at the center of criticism as it has parts that are “similar” to what other culture automatically labels as exploitation of children. People fail to consider that just because it looks alike, doesn't mean it is the same. This is where the difference in culture comes to play. I rarely see adults, let alone parents and grandparents from vast places in Europe and the West, who acts “cutely,” on purpose or sometimes unconsciously, but you will see this in a lot of Asian countries. It's basically to appear adorable, that's it. It's especially effective when asking favors. It's a joke between two parties. It sickens me that people would go thru lots of mental gymnastics to put malice on it when in fact, they just see it thru the lens of another culture, possibly being stubborn and judgmental.

  9. I never said anything about exploitation. Just cause I find it awkward or cringey doesn’t mean I think it’s insidious or horrible. Certainly not comparing it to literal exploitation of children in Hollywood. I know the point of it.

  10. I'm explaining why some people find it “cringey.” I understand that we have different thresholds for how much discomfort we can handle, and that's okay. What I don't find OK is when people define aegyo entirely different thru the lenses of their own understanding while completely disregarding that they exist in this particular culture for reasons far different from what you are used to seeing. You replied to a comment that said the purpose of aegyo is basically to get a cringe reaction:

  11. That’s not what I meant by that reply at all. I was literally saying that people do enjoy it for reasons beyond cringe. I never said that was a bad thing or that didn’t understand why. I feel like your putting words in my mouth at this point and making it seem like I’m insulting a culture when you yourself are saying part of aegyo is the cringe factor.

  12. I feel like it’s a gender stereotype thing cause girls can dance just as hard as boys can. I’m really into dance particularly hip hop styles, and there are a lot of female dancers who can do everything from krumping to break dancing. You’d be surprised how many female choreographers choreograph “harder” moves for Kpop groups. So it has nothing to do with anything physical.

  13. kpop group but all the members are anthros

  14. It seems more like a gimmick than anything else. Like you said, they literally have a CGI member. So much can be done with that and it seems like it’s just a stand in for a person and nothing more. Even design wise they can push the limits. Why even make them look entirely human?

  15. VIXX. From colored contact lenses to chokers to hanboks, they're one of the most influential groups when it comes to styling. Every time they went on stage you knew that other stylists were watching them carefully, and for good reason. They even got through 2013 with consistently amazing styling, and that year was just highly of its time (aka, cursed).

  16. Cursed how? Sorry I’m pretty new to Kpop so I don’t know a ton about it yet.

  17. I think Ateez’s styling has been pretty impeccable from era to era. Even when I don’t exactly love the ensembles for a comeback, like Deja Vu and Eternal Sunshine stages (not my cuppa tea), they certainly conveyed the concepts and carried thru with the vibes of each track. I appreciate that the stylists care about the members’ input and that while the group will have a cohesive overall look for a stage, the members tend to get their own key features in an outfit, such as sleeveless tops for San or a heavier jacket or coat for Jongho.

  18. I haven’t gotten into Ateez much yet but I’m excited to cause from what I’ve seen they always look nice.

  19. I have a friend who used to be a fan of EXO but became an anti fan after the members left and after knowing that Baekhyun was dating Taeyeon. I’m glad she left the fandom but really hate how she’s an anti fan. Fans like her really need a reality check because idols aren’t your partner or family and they aren’t responsible for your emotions. I don’t get why people would take it that far (thinking that them having a gf isn’t ok).

  20. Fans like that are exactly why idols have to hide their relationships in the first place. You have to be truly delusional to believe that idols don’t date let alone that they shouldn’t date. Their human beings.

  21. I avoid antis whenever, but from what I can tell they’re younger people who are heavily influenced by toxic stan culture that’s become normalized now. It’s usually them going out of their way to put down another group to uplift their ults. I’ve been seeing it a lot between girl group fans vs boy group fans. There’s a number of other reasons but that’s just what I’ve personally witnessed the most. All anti behavior and reasoning is pointless.

  22. I always thought the “Kpop sound” was literally just bubbly, upbeat, catchy pop music that’s just easy to listen and dance to. Sometimes it delves into other genres a bit, but it still retains that catchy and uncomplicated structure. That being said it’s not surprising that there are people who don’t like that. There are plenty of people in the US that don’t like that sound either. I don’t think it’s racism at all, just musical preference.

  23. I vote P1Harmony cause they’re funny in EVERYTHING. From interviews, vlogs, to variety shows and even their Vlives. They’re just naturally funny.

  24. There’s also the self introduction videos on their page. They’re old too but they really help you to get to know them a lot better. Then I’d I suggest watching their variety shows that are on their YouTube Sasaek Harmony and Harmony Forrest. Lastly there’s Hard Training Camp. Harmony Forrest is the most recent of those things if you want to start with the newest content. I think these videos will really help you to learn more about them, but especially their personalities and dynamic. Enjoy!

  25. P1Harmony literally debuted with a full feature length movie. Its a sci fi fantasy movie that explains the lore of the group that ties in with their music videos. It’s actually really well made and they can actually act. Apparently they had no idea they were going to make a movie. The company decided it and sent them for acting lessons and stunt training for a few months to prepare. I hardly see anyone talk about it, even P1Harmony stans.

  26. WHAT?! That’s gnarly in a really cool way! 😄I’m starting to get into them so I may check it out at some point. Hopefully it’s somewhere other than Amazon as mentioned below cuz I refuse to give that place a cent of my money. May have to figure out how Weverse works and try there.

  27. I think there’s also Viki or Roku, but you need a subscription. They might have a free trial though. Yes check it out when you can!

  28. Here’s some newer and smaller groups that deserve more recognition in my opinion:

  29. Sorry it’s unbalanced and messy to me. The concept itself is good, but if they were going to go for a graphic comic book kind of style this is very flat and boring for that. The font doesn’t stand out against the background at all. Im not sure where the focus is supposed to be here either. I’m not trying to go in too hard on it, I like this album and this group. That’s just how’d I critique it.

  30. The ones that whiten pale idols crack me up. Sometimes Winter just looks like floating nostrils and eyes.

  31. Right?? They look like creepypasta pictures. Especially when they have colored contacts in.

  32. Tiktok is one-sided so opinion is taken as fact. This topic is open to discussion in places like Reddit so it is an opinion, not taken as fact. There is a difference.

  33. The thing is a lot of Western artists don’t write their own music. Even some of the most famous and iconic songs of all time were not written by the artist who performed them. Marvin Gaye, Elton John, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, and so many other artists that are considered the best of all time didn’t write most or none of their own music.

  34. That's pretty much exactly it, because the targets of the "noise music" whining in kpop have influences ranging from EDM to punk. It just makes me think that the people complaining don't listen to any music outside of kpop, TikTok trending sounds, and the first 5 songs on the Billboard Hot 100, which has provided them with the musical range of a teaspoon.

  35. It’s crazy cause “noise” Kpop is what got me into Kpop. I thought before it was all just very pop heavy music. I like that it’s a lot more diverse than I expected it to be. People are just so close minded and afraid of change.

  36. These are so cool! I love the attention to detail and the movie descriptions sound like they would be great movies.

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